Red Mountain Colorado

    Mindfulness-Based Treatment Designed to Help
    Your Teen Recover from Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

    We Offer a Safe and Nurturing Residential Treatment Center For Teens Where Your Child Can Heal

    Who We Are

    Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-17. Our program is designed to help teens heal from trauma that underlies other issues.

    What We Do

    We use evidence-based and holistic therapies to help your teen break negative thoughts and behaviors and develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and positive decision-making.

    Our Students

    We work with teens ages 13-17, who have been struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges such as trauma, depression, and anxiety.


    Your teen will learn and practice the art of meditation to enhance their healing, improve their self-awareness and help them overcome impulsivity and poor decision-making.

    Get to Know Red Mountain Colorado

    We believe the challenges of the past can be transformed into powerful and supportive energy that can help your teen build a stronger, healthier life.

    We guide our students to learn, heal, and grow in a supportive, structured, and caring environment helping them to achieve their full potential.

    Therapies Your Teen Will Experience at our Residential Treatment Center For Teens

    residential treatment center for teens


    Yoga can heal your teen’s mind, body and spirit by improving physical strength and promoting inner calm and peace.


    Your teen will develop a greater awareness that connects them to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

    Adventure Therapy

    Adventure activities give your teen a healthy outlet for stress and promote greater interpersonal wellness and change.

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