Teed Addiction Treatment in Ohio

    Supportive Addiction Treatment for Ohio Teens

    Supportive Addiction Treatment for Ohio Teens

    Ohio has been on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic in this country for the last couple of years. And teens in this state are also more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana. You know that substance abuse is a real problem in Ohio, but you never thought your family would be affected.

    Whether your teen was just experimenting or trying to cope with past trauma, the hard truth is that they are suffering from substance abuse. And you can’t escape the feeling that your family is falling apart. Fortunately, you aren’t alone. At Red Mountain Colorado, our teen substance abuse treatment heals the trauma that underlies addiction. We can help your family move forward and walk with your teen on their path to recovery.

    Why Should You Send Your Teen Out of State for Treatment?

    No parent wants to see their child suffer. You want to be there for them, and you might look at out of state treatment as an unnecessary risk. But keeping your teen in the same environment is often not an effective way for them to heal.

    Here’s a few reasons why the best recovery options for your teen are actually out of state:

    1. Discover a Sober Friendly Environment

    As a parent, it’s natural to want your teen close to home while they work on their recovery. But being in the same environment can be counterproductive for teens trying to change their life. Being faced with the same triggers can make it more difficult to break free from substance abuse. At Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will experience a sense of community based in sobriety and personal wellness. Here, they can stay focused on finding healthy ways of managing their triggers and stress without actually having to come face-to-face with them before they’re ready.

    2. The Chance to Forge New and Meaningful Relationships

    Building new relationships gives your teen the opportunity to surround themselves with like-minded people. These relationships can transform into a social support system that can help your teen reach lasting recovery. While this might be possible in your hometown in Ohio, the negative relationships in your teen’s life can work against new positive influences. Red Mountain Colorado can help your teen build positive relationships by teaching them how trusting and listening to adults can lead to personal success.

    3. Give Your Family the Space to Heal

    When your teen is struggling with substance abuse, your whole family is affected. You’ll miss them while they’re away, but it’s an opportunity for the rest of your family to heal from the damage addiction has caused. As normalcy returns to your daily life, you’ll receive updates on how your teen is doing at Red Mountain Colorado and visit them once they’re ready. Putting your family back together will take some work, but we’re here to help and give you the space you need to heal.

    Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

    Dual Diagnosis Disorder Treatment for Ohio Teens

    Did you know that teen substance abuse tends to be accompanied by a co-occurring disorder (depression, anxiety or trauma) that feeds into the problem? At Red Mountain Colorado, we understand the trauma and stress teens can experience. That’s why we work to treat substance abuse and co-occurring disorders at the same time. Our holistic and person-centered approach to teen substance abuse treatment focuses on healing your teen’s mind, body and spirit. It’s our goal to show them that recovery and forging healthy connections is within their reach.

    Family Therapy and Coaching

    At Red Mountain Colorado, we believe that healing the entire family system is essential to your teen’s lasting recovery. We start by healing at the individual level first. As your child progresses through our teen substance abuse treatment program, you’ll receive weekly updates and coaching sessions on your parenting style. Over time, you’ll be able to visit your teen so your family can build trust and healthy communication again.

    Adventure Therapy Treatment for Ohio Teens

    Adventure therapy is a way for your teen to discover new passions that can replace drugs or alcohol as a healthier way to cope. Activities like hiking and rock climbing give your teen an outlet for their stress. There’s also the benefit of your teen re-learning the value of trusting adults as they grow and succeed from our instruction and guidance. Adventure therapy is just another way Red Mountain Colorado strives to provide your teen and family with a foundation for positive change.

    Ohio Teens Can Heal from Addiction at Red Mountain Colorado

    Your family has been through a lot. The challenging nature of your teen’s substance abuse might make you feel helpless as worries of your family slipping away become more common. But there is hope and it starts at Red Mountain Colorado. We can help your teen find their path to healing.

    Learn more about how we can serve Ohio families by contacting our knowledgeable team today. Change is within reach for your teen and for your family.

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