Teed Addiction Treatment in Utah

    Teen Addiction Treatment in Utah

    Safe and Nurturing Addiction Treatment for Utah Teens

    Did you know that roughly 1 in every 25 Utah high school students say they need help with a substance abuse issue? Addiction is running rampant across the country, but it’s an issue that you didn’t think would affect your family in the calm and scenic Utah landscape.

    But now that your teen is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can feel like the family you’d do anything for is slipping away. How can you help your teen and what treatment programs are available? At Red Mountain Colorado, we can help. Our program is designed to help teens heal from the trauma that underlies addiction, so your child can recover, and your family can move forward.

    Why Send Your Teen Out of State for Treatment

    It’s hard to watch your teen suffer. You want to be there for them, which is why sending your teen out of state for treatment may seem out of the question. But actually, going out of state for addiction treatment can be one of the best ways to help your child recover.

    Here’s just a few reasons why having your teen travel out of state for rehab is beneficial:

    1. It Gets Your Teen Out of Their Normal Environment

    We know you want your teen to be close to home. But did you know that being too close to home can actually impair their ability to recover? Going out of state for rehab removes your teen from familiar triggers and negatives influencers that have played a large role in their addiction. By coming to Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will experience a brand-new environment where they aren’t surrounded by the usual stressors and can learn how to effectively handle triggers in a healthy way.

    2. It Can Keep Your Teen Focused on Recovery

    Being close to home risks too many distractions for your teen. Maybe they’re worried they’ll encounter someone they know or continue to feel too tempted to try to abuse drugs. But at Red Mountain Colorado, your teen doesn’t have to worry about what’s happening back home. Without distractions, your teen can focus on therapy and building meaningful relationships that strengthen their sobriety.

    3. It Gives Your Family the Space Needed to Heal

    When your teen is out of state for treatment, of course you’ll miss them. But this time away will also give you and your family time to heal from the damage addiction has caused. Some normalcy will be able to return to your life, which can give you the clarity you need to take a breath and begin putting your family back together.

    Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Your Teen

    A Focus on Mindfulness and Meditation

    Your teen didn’t plan to start abusing drugs or alcohol. The stress from adolescence or other forms of trauma can cause your teen to become more impulsive and develop destructive behaviors as an unhealthy way to cope. Our teen substance abuse treatment seeks to repair one of their most important relationships: the one with themselves. Through regular meditation and mindfulness practice, we help your teen be more present in the moment and recognize their thoughts and feelings as they’re occurring. This can help lower any anxiety or depression they might be feeling and prevent future impulsivity.

    Adventure Therapy for Teens that Works

    Adventure therapy is a way for your teen to discover a new passion that can serve as a way to cope with drug or alcohol cravings. By participating in activities like rock climbing or hiking, your teen can break up old stress patterns to replace them with healthy outlets for their stress. It’s also a way for your teen to relearn how following trusted adults can lead to success. This can give your family a foundation to repair the relationships that have been strained as a result of your teen’s substance abuse.

    Dual Diagnosis Disorder Treatment for Utah Teens

    While you never thought your teen would struggle with substance abuse, oftentimes a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, depression or trauma is fueling the problem. At Red Mountain Colorado, we understand the stress and trauma teens can experience and work to treat both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders simultaneously. With a wide array of holistic therapies that focus on healing the mind, body and spirit, we strive to give your teen the power to recover and rebuild healthy connections.

    Utah Teens Can Heal from Addiction at Red Mountain Colorado

    Your teen and your family are both going through new challenges that can lead to a feeling of hopelessness. But this isn’t something that your family has to go through alone. At Red Mountain Colorado, we can help your teen find a path to healing and lasting recovery.

    Learn more about how we serve Utah families by contacting our compassionate team today. Change is possible for your teen, and hope can be found at Red Mountain Colorado.

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