Kansas Families Finding Help For Troubled Teens

Kansas Troubled Teens Find Help at Red Mountain Colorado

When you find out that your Kansas child is acting out and engaging in negative behaviors, it can be tough to know what to do. You never want your child to be considered a “troubled teen”. But by accepting the reality of the situation, you’ll be better prepared to find your Kansas teen the right kind of help and support.

Your teenager probably needs more support than you can give at home. He needs the opportunity to unpack his negative behaviors, heal from the past, and create new patterns. An optimal way to do this is by having him attend a residential treatment center. With this type of treatment, he will get therapy, academics, supportive peers, and the skills needed to maintain long-term success.


Red Mountain Colorado is located near Denver, Colorado but we help teens from Kansas

One of the best teen residential treatment centers for boys is Red Mountain Colorado. Red Mountain Colorado works with boys ages 14-17 that have found themselves overwhelmed with trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Although Red Mountain Colorado is away from Kansas, we serve teens and families from across the United States, including Kansas.

At Red Mountain Colorado, your child from Kansas will be able to process his mental health challenges in order to achieve lasting recovery and happiness. And while there are other programs that can prevent teens from acting out in the short-term, Red Mountain Colorado ensures that our students have the skills and habits in place to help them find long-term success.

Help Your Child Heal

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Red Mountain Colorado can help your child build a brighter future. Contact our admissions team to learn more about providing your child with the solutions they need

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Learn how Red Mountain Colorado’s comprehensive approach to working with troubled Kansas teens can help by calling (877) 302-5022.

Kansas Teens Engage and Grow with Adventure Therapy

To truly heal, troubled teens from Kansas need to be engaged in both therapy and their overall therapeutic journey. While traditional talk therapy is an important part of the process, a teen-focused treatment program allows for more experiential modalities including Adventure Therapy.

Adventure Therapy is an active, hands-on approach that Red Mountain Colorado uses to reach teenage boys that are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues. Students get active and outside every week with experiences like skiing, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting.

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These adventure activities are fun, appropriately challenging, and offer a variety of benefits. Teenagers improve their communication and distress tolerance skills, as well as increased self-esteem. They understand how they can transfer problem-solving skills to future situations.

Through Adventure Therapy, Kansas teens develop transferable skills and they also discover new leisure activities and hobbies. Frequently our students share that up until Red Mountain Colorado, acting out was the only ways they knew to have fun. Adventure Therapy exposes them to safe, exciting, and fun activities.

Our location just north of Denver, Colorado allows for a diverse variety of outdoor activities throughout all the seasons. And while Red Mountain Colorado is located outside of Kansas, we work with teens from around the United States, including Kansas.

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At Red Mountain Colorado, a residential treatment center for struggling Kansas teens, your child can get the care and support he needs to thrive. With Adventure Therapy, your son will be able to work through the internal beliefs that are holding him back, so that he can achieve success and happiness both now and in the future.

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