teens with ADHD

    Adventure Therapy Helps Teens with ADHD Regulate Emotions

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    Many believe that calming, low-energy activities serve as a healthy outlet to regulate the energy levels of teens with ADHD. But, these are the exact types of activities that trigger symptoms, like restlessness and inattention. When their mind is overwhelmed with restless energy, they feel more in sync with themselves with their body matches the…

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    teens with trauma

    Mindfulness Helps Teens with Trauma Reconnect with Physical Sensations

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    Feeling numb or dissociated from one’s body is common for teens who have experienced trauma. It is their body’s way of shutting down to protect them from re-experiencing emotional or physical pain. However, when teens subconsciously try to avoid feeling pain, their body also blocks energy that allows them to experience pleasure and joy. Mindfulness-based…

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    residential treatment and divorce

    Tips for Coparenting After Divorce During Residential Treatment

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    Divorce can negatively impact any child, but the effects can be especially complex if your child already struggles with mental health issues. While parents try to balance parenting responsibilities and their personal healing from the relationship, children are often caught in the crossfire. Attending family therapy after divorce helps parents learn how to communicate and…

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    Getting the Body and Mind Right: How Exercise Benefits the Brain

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    Did you know exercise is really good for you? Probably. But maybe you’ve never considered the benefits of exercise on the brain. It’s truly about more than the body, it’s about the mind too. Engaging in regular physical activities is the best way to promote a healthy today, tomorrow, and forever. Here are 10 ways in which…

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    Adventure Therapy: Safe, Fun and Meaningful

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    Imagine spending an afternoon hiking through the mountains: Beautiful, vibrant trees and plant life are all around you and the smell of pine is in the air. You see a couple squirrels scampering up and down a tree trunk. You hear light chirping of birds in the distance and recognize the crunch of gravel and…

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    5 Questions to Ask Teen Residential Treatment Centers

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    As of 2017, there were over 13,500 teen treatment centers in the United States. That’s a lot of treatment centers to review! And even as you narrow down by location and facilities that specifically treat adolescents, you’re still having to evaluate an entire list of treatment programs. Which ones are legit? How long would my…

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    How Childhood Trauma Affects the Brain

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    Did you know nearly 35 million people across the United States have experienced one or more types of childhood trauma? This can include experiences like physical or psychological abuse, neglect, intense bullying, losing a loved one or witnessing a traumatic event. All of these experiences can negatively impact an individual’s brain development. Childhood is an…

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    Can Insurance Cover Treatment for My Teen?

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    While there are many teen treatment centers around to help, many families don’t seek treatment because they’re unsure of one simple question: Does your insurance cover teen treatment? This straightforward question comes with a complex answer that we’re determined to help you answer. It all comes down to your family’s circumstances and insurance coverage. When…

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    How Service is Therapeutic for Teens With Trauma History

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    Chances are at some point in your life you’ve heard the expression, “the best way to help yourself is to help someone else”. And for teens struggling with trauma, this couldn’t be more true. These teens often have trouble regulating their emotions and have fallen behind in empathy development and impulse control. But there is…

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    What is Emotional Violence and How Does it Disrupt Child Development

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    Think back to when you were a teenager. Chances are there was a time when you were being yelled at by a loved one or authority figure. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding or maybe you did something you knew you weren’t supposed to do. Kids will be kids, right? But what if the yelling…

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