mindfulness and teen addiction treatment

    How is Mindfulness Used in Teen Addiction Treatment?

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    The purpose of using mindfulness in teen addiction treatment is to help individuals learn to respond to cravings and stress in more productive ways than using drugs or alcohol. During addiction treatment, mindfulness can help teens cultivate awareness of their physical sensations and what comes up for them when feeling anxious or experiencing a craving.…

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    7 Steps to Take if Your Teenager is Using Drugs

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    Talking to your teen about substance abuse can be a challenge for parents. Have you discovered bottles of alcohol or a bag of drugs in your teenager’s room? Maybe you’ve actually caught them drinking or getting high, or you’ve seen them hungover. Or perhaps, you just have a parent’s intuition and suspect that they’ve gotten…

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    A teenage boy flipping through channels, trying to find something to watch because he’s bored.

    Teenage Boredom and Addiction: How it Happens and What You Can Do to Stop It

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    There’s an iconic scene from the 1990 film, Home Alone, when Kevin first realizes his family is gone and he has the entire house to himself. In needing something to keep himself entertained, he wanders into his brother, Buzz’s room and demolishes everything on the bookshelf while trying to get to a box of baseball…

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    A close-up photo of someone painting on a canvas.

    How Does Art Therapy Aid in Addiction Recovery?

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    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Picasso Many of us can remember a time when a piece of art sparked an emotional connection. Maybe the piece of art triggered an old memory or invoked a specific feeling. Or perhaps it inspired your own creativity. The takeaway here is art…

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    The link between bipolar disorder in teens and substance use issues

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    Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by sudden and dramatic shifts in mood, behavior and energy levels. The National Institute of Health reports that 2.5 percent of young people fit the clinically stated criteria for bipolar disorder; with 2 percent of young teens reporting bipolar symptoms, and 3.1 percent of older teens displaying similar symptoms. About 56…

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    Studies Show Teen Addiction Is Still Alive and Well

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    While it’s true that cigarette use has been on the major decline, studies are showing that it could bounce back because of the thing many people think is combatting it: e-cigarettes. When it comes to teen addiction, nicotine can be passed over because it’s not explicitly illegal for all age groups–but it’s incredibly harmful. During adolescence, the…

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    Five Signs Your Teen is Experimenting with Drugs

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    Illegal drug use remains a dangerous epidemic among this nation’s youth; with 5.9 percent of 12thgraders using marijuana on a daily basis, 3.3 percent using LSD, 2.7 percent using cocaine, 2.6 percent using ecstasy, and 0.4 percent using heroin (). And despite widespread efforts and campaigns to educate kids about the dangers of drug abuse, teen experimenting…

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    Parent-Supervised Alcohol Use Doesn’t Mean Safer Use Later in Life

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    Alcohol consumption is the leading risk factor for death and disability in individuals aged 15-24. Alcohol use in teens is a rampant and very serious problem. Even so, some parents actually host alcohol-fueled parties and get togethers on behalf of their teens. Are they bad parents? Not necessarily, but they may be misinformed ones. Indeed, some moms…

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    Study Shows Link Between Marijuana Use in Teens and Bipolar Symptoms

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    While alcohol remains the most abused substance by teenagers, marijuana is climbing its way up fast. As this trend continues, the increased use is leading to more interest in the possible effects. A recent study revealed that marijuana use and bipolar symptoms in teens could be directly linked. We already know teens smoking marijuana can lead to serious issues–but…

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    Using the Four Letter Word at Home: A discussion on drugs

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    No parent has a burning desire to talk about drugs with their kids. More often than not the “drug” word is avoided at all costs in the home. Avoiding this talk can be a really bad idea. It’s important that you open the lines of communication with your child so that they feel comfortable asking…

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