Adolescence, The Developing Brain, and the Myth of a Cure All

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    Teenagers can be difficult for their parents to understand. Sometimes it’s a lack of communication, but for other families, their teens may be struggling to work through behavioral and emotional challenges. These challenges may present themselves in different ways, but no matter the issue, it is important for parents to remember that there is no…

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    depressed teens

    Finding A Residential Treatment Center For Depressed Teens

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    A teen could be sad about a break-up, or they could be more irritable than usual when you interrupt their phone calls with friends. Perhaps they indicate a lack of concentration when they prefer to scroll through their phone rather than study for an upcoming exam. These scenarios are normal experiences of teenagehood; however, a…

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    teens with ADHD and meditation

    Guided Meditation Practice Improves Focus for Teens with ADHD

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    The idea of silent meditation doesn’t appeal to everybody. Some teenagers may find that they get bored easily, get caught up in their thoughts, or that time seems to drag on when trying to practice mindfulness without any outside stimulation. Teens with ADHD are more likely to find the idea of silent meditation questionable, but…

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    struggling with anxiety

    Finding the Middle Way When Struggling with Anxiety

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    The decisions teenagers make when they are struggling with anxiety may not be the same decisions they would make when they are feeling more regulated, but it is useful to acknowledge that those decisions are a direct response to the emotions they were feeling at the time. So often when teaching teenagers how to respond…

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    anger and family conflict

    How to Work with Anger That May Arise During Family Conflict

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    Anger is a very energetic emotion. It is the only emotion that moves us to action. Many teenagers are known for angry outbursts as a way to assert themselves into situations and gain autonomy from their parents. By studying the neurobiology of anger, we know that anger is typically is a secondary emotion, even if…

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    teens with ADHD

    Adventure Therapy Helps Teens with ADHD Regulate Emotions

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    Many believe that calming, low-energy activities serve as a healthy outlet to regulate the energy levels of teens with ADHD. But, these are the exact types of activities that trigger symptoms, like restlessness and inattention. When their mind is overwhelmed with restless energy, they feel more in sync with themselves with their body matches the…

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    teens with trauma

    Mindfulness Helps Teens with Trauma Reconnect with Physical Sensations

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    Feeling numb or dissociated from one’s body is common for teens who have experienced trauma. It is their body’s way of shutting down to protect them from re-experiencing emotional or physical pain. However, when teens subconsciously try to avoid feeling pain, their body also blocks energy that allows them to experience pleasure and joy. Mindfulness-based…

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    symptoms of depression in teens

    Can Practicing Gratitude Reduce Symptoms of Depression in Teens?

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    Telling your child who is struggling with depression to be more grateful for the positive things in their life won’t necessarily lift their feelings of hopelessness, but it is a small step in helping them shift their perspective. A recent analysis shows that gratitude can make a difference in helping teens with symptoms of depression…

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    Teens with Anxiety Disorders

    5 Reasons Mindfulness Works for Teens with Anxiety Disorders

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    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction has become one of the most popular mindfulness-based treatment options available for teens with anxiety disorders. This program has been adapted from traditional mindfulness practices to make them more accessible to people seeking anxiety treatment. Although anxiety can affect one’s comfort with practicing mindfulness, it also offers a variety of direct benefits…

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    helping depressed teens

    Mindful Happiness: Strategy for Helping Depressed Teens

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    The goal of using mindfulness as a treatment option for depression is not to get rid of depression completely—as this may be unlikely for many people—but to accept it and detach from it enough to live a happier, healthier life. At the most recent National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs Conference, our executive director…

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