Learn More About Mindfulness-Based Treatment at Red Mountain Colorado

    Who We Are 

    Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center for teens ages 13-17, located outside of Colorado. Our program is designed to help teens heal from trauma that often underlies addiction. We recognize that mental health struggles often trigger the use of alcohol and drugs that make teens feel better temporarily. Because of this, our goal is to help teens get to the root of their problem with substances through mindfulness programming.

    Our founders are sanctioned meditation teachers with over 50 years of experience practicing both ancient and cutting-edge mindfulness modalities. By incorporating mindfulness into your teen’s substance abuse treatment, their cravings and negative thought patterns are replaced with positive intentions as they become more self-aware These practices help them get into the right mindset to make smarter choices.

    Who We Help 

    We work with teens ages 13-17, who have been struggling with substance abuse issues caused by underlying behavioral and emotional issues. We mainly help young people struggling with addiction to alcohol, marijuana, Adderall, and opioids. The program takes the time to evaluate your teen’s strengths, weaknesses, abilities and current coping skills in order to customize their substance abuse treatment plan. 

    As a dual diagnosis treatment program, we offer a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapies to help teens heal their body, mind, and spirit, not just change their behaviors.

    To learn more about our approach at Red Mountain Colorado, contact us at 970-276-6228.

    What Makes Red Mountain Colorado Unique?

    Individual and Group Therapy

    Teens have at least one hour-long therapy session a week, but also have regular, daily interactions with their therapist outside of individual counseling sessions. This helps teens develop a closer relationship with their therapist in different settings. Our therapists help lead group therapy sessions based on topics, like process groups, relapse prevention, trauma recovery, body image, and 12-step study.

    Mindfulness and Meditation

    The heart of our program is our mindfulness-based approach to addiction treatment. We offer daily mindfulness classes, separated into Beginning and Advanced mindfulness, and encourage teens to apply skills they’ve learned through these classes into other parts of their daily lives.

    Adventure Therapy

    Adventure therapy helps teens rediscover what they liked to do before they started using substances or find activities that may motivate them to adopt healthier patterns. Students participate in two adventure therapy sessions a week, which might include outdoor activities like rock climbing, white water rafting and much more. We also offer a wide range of experiential therapeutic activities, like Equine-Assisted Therapy, Challenge Course, Yoga, many others.

    Academic Programming

    Our education program at Red Mountain Colorado is built around Alta Independent, an online alternative to traditional education that makes it easy for your teen to continue their education while in addiction treatment. Students can work on an individualized basis with the support of our qualified teacher during afternoon school sessions.

    International Service Trip

    Red Mountain partners with Cultiva International for quarterly service trips to Guatemala. This provides students with an amazing opportunity to gain international experience, broaden their horizons, and learn the joy of service through teaching locals how to cultivate their own vegetable gardens.

    Talk to our Admissions team today to see if Red Mountain Colorado is right for your teen.