Adderall Addiction Treatment for Teens

    Adderall Addiction Treatment for Teens

    Teen Adderall Addiction Treatment

    Maybe you heard about it on the news, but it’s never something you thought your teen would get involved in. Adderall abuse and addiction are growing problems for teens all across the country. What started as a prescription to treat ADHD, is now being used recreationally. Your teen may have used Adderall as a study aid, and before they knew it the sense of euphoria the drug causes in the brain became more and more difficult to ignore. Your teen seems to have more depressive moods and the Adderall addiction is taking a toll on your family. You’re not sure where to turn.

    There’s hope for your teen’s recovery, and it can be found at Red Mountain Colorado. Our evidence-based approach is designed to provide help for troubled teens and Adderall. With treatment methods such as mindfulness, adventure therapy and an academic program, we work to bring balance to not only your teen’s life, but your entire family as well.

    Adderall Addiction and the Brain

    Adderall is a prescription drug, so you might be wondering how much of an effect it can have on your teen. The truth is that Adderall increases the levels of serotonin in the brain. Teens get used to this feeling of euphoria. But as it leaves their bloodstream, teens often feel an intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Before you know it, teens can become physically and emotionally dependent on the drug to function during the day. In fact, Adderall addiction is more likely for teens who suffer from mental health disorders and trauma.

    At Red Mountain Colorado, we strive to treat the mental health disorder and trauma that underlie your teen’s addiction. It starts by helping your teen find healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety. When it comes to teen addiction, we believe in a healing the mind, body and soul. Our expertise combined with your love and support can give your teen hope to break free from Adderall addiction.

    What Does Our Teen Rehab for Adderall Addiction Look Like?

    Our program is based in the belief that your teen has the potential to find a healthier way to cope with the underlying causes of their addiction. Some of our evidence-based therapies include:

    • Adventure therapy to help your teen discover healthy coping strategies and activities.
    • An exceptional academic program that helps ensure your teen doesn’t fall behind in school while they are recovering.
    • Individual and group therapy to help your teen address stresses and underlying trauma to uncover a pathway to lasting recovery.
    • Meditation and mindfulness to help identify negative thoughts patterns and work towards breaking destructive routines and behaviors.
    • Experiential therapy to develop new coping skills that promote maturity, growth and help prevent relapse

    Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Teen Adderall Abuse Treatment

    Adventure Therapy to Forge New Coping Skills and Passions

    “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong”

    -Sue Fitzmaurice

    Take a moment to ask yourself, before your teen became dependent on Adderall, what did they enjoy? Adventure therapy at Red Mountain Recovery seeks to answer this important question. Your teen will get the opportunity to go out into nature and experience engaging activities such as rafting, hiking and rock climbing. Not only does your teen re-learn how adult instruction can lead to success, but they discover new activities to manage their stress and trauma that don’t involve Adderall. These new passions can become the foundation for lasting recovery.

    Mindfulness and Mediation to Heal Teen Adderall Addiction

    “Quiet the mind and the soul will speak ”

    – Ma Jaya Sati

    Your teen may have developed an Adderall addiction in part because their stress or trauma has them feeling trapped in negative thought patterns. We have a way to bring balance to your teen. With our mindfulness and meditation program, we can teach your teen to break up those negative thought patterns and build self-awareness. When your teen learns to face each day and decision with positive intention, the path to healing becomes more accessible.

    Our Academic Program for Teens in Treatment

    A common worry that parents have once their teen enters treatment is thinking about how they will fall behind in school. From the moment your teen starts treatment at Red Mountain Colorado, they’ll participate in our academic program five days a week. Our Master’s-level teacher will manage your teen’s education plan, review their progress and be there to guide them on their academic journey. It’s just one of the ways we prepare your teen for success once they’ve completed treatment.

    Contact Red Mountain Colorado for Teen Adderall Addiction Treatment

    There’s hope for your teen and your family to heal from the damage Adderall addiction has caused. Together we can help bring stability and balance back to your teen’s daily life. Contact our expert team to learn more about how program is designed to provide help for troubled teens and Adderall.

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