Alcohol Treatment for Teens

    Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Teens

    Teen Alcohol Treatment

    The first time you caught your teen drinking, you thought maybe it’s just a phase. But as it progressed into a recurring problem, you noticed your teen’s behavior changed. From outbursts at home to declining school performance, all you want is for your teen to return to the healthy, happy child they once were.

    At Red Mountain Colorado, we can help make that happen. Our teen alcohol treatment program is designed to help your child heal by addressing the underlying trauma fueling their addiction. By using techniques such as adventure therapy and mindfulness, we strive to help your family regain the control and stability your teen’s alcohol addiction has disrupted.

    How We Treat Your Teen’s Alcohol Addiction

    While it may feel isolating while you’re in the midst of trying to manage your teen’s alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, roughly 13% of teenage boys binge drink each month. But outside the normal fear, anger and anxiety that comes with teenage years, your child could be dealing with underlying trauma that caused their addiction or is making their drinking worse.

    We take a trauma-specific and evidence-based approach to heal your teen’s mind, body and spirit at Red Mountain Colorado. Our teenage alcohol treatment seeks to rewire the brain through experiential therapy and mindfulness practices. With the right expertise, there’s hope to undo the damage done by alcohol addiction and trauma.

    What Will My Teen Do In Alcohol Treatment?

    Your teen comes to treatment with the need to make a positive change. Our holistic and evidence-based approach includes:

    • Individual and group therapy designed to help your teen confront and address stressors and any underlying trauma.
    • Adventure therapy that provides a healthy outlet for stress and frustration.
    • Meditation and mindfulness to address negative thoughts, impulses and dangerous behaviors.
    • Family therapy and coaching to ensure that healing takes place throughout the entire family system.
    • Experiential therapy designed to help your teen develop new coping skills that promote maturity and understanding.

    Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Teen Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

    Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness for Healing Your Teen

    It’s common with teenage alcohol addiction for your child to feel stuck in their negative thoughts. Whether your teen’s addiction started as a result of peer pressure or underlying trauma, mindfulness helps to combat those negative thoughts by helping your teen stay focused on the present moment. As your teen practices mindfulness, they’ll learn how to manage cravings and respond with positive intentions. Mindfulness serves as a process to help your teen build an authentic relationship with themselves and heal from within.

    Life Skills that Help Forge Long-Term Healing

    At Red Mountain Colorado, we believe that healing is all about reclaiming freedom. By teaching your teen about important life skills such as setting boundaries and eliminating destructive behaviors, they can build a confidence that they can carry with them far after they complete treatment. Our teenage alcohol abuse treatment helps your teen develop the skills and tools they need for long-term healing.

    Adventure Therapy to Foster New Passions and Coping Skills

    Take a minute and ask yourself this question: “What did your teen enjoy doing before they developed an alcohol addiction?” At Red Mountain Colorado, we use adventure therapy to help your teen discover new passions and reignite old interests they used to enjoy. By experiencing safe recreational activities like hiking, rock climbing or rafting twice a week, we challenge your teen to grow, while giving them healthier ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

    Contact Red Mountain Colorado for Teenage Alcohol Treatment

    You might feel like your teen is slipping away from you. But with teen alcohol treatment, there’s hope to bring back the stability and joy that once filled your home. It’s time to give your teen the opportunity to accept responsibility for their destructive actions and move forward. It’s time for them to begin their healing journey. Contact our expert team today to get started.

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