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About Red Mountain Colorado

At Red Mountain Colorado, we’re dedicated to helping teens overcome their behavioral and emotional challenges. Our mission is to provide specialized treatment for a range of mental health issues, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse. We believe in empowering teens to develop healthy coping skills and habits that they can use to navigate their challenges and lead fulfilling lives. Learn more about Red Mountain Colorado.

If you’re looking for a safe and supportive environment to help your teen overcome their struggles, Red Mountain Colorado is here for you. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing individualized care that meets the unique needs of each teen. With our evidence-based treatment approaches, your teen can gain the tools they need to thrive and build a brighter future.

Clinical Sophistication

Red Mountain Colorado’s clinical team comprises highly trained therapists who specialize in evidence-based and experiential therapeutic modalities. Passionate about their work, our therapists have extensive experience working with adolescents and their families and are skilled in multiple approaches for addressing dual diagnosis issues. They tailor treatment to each teen’s specific needs, taking into account the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of healing.

In addition to our unprecedented mindfulness programming for adolescents, Red Mountain Colorado also offers:

Adventure activities
Cutting-edge, individual therapy including brainspotting 
Group therapy
Family therapy 
Parent coaching
Physical fitness 
Executive functioning skill building and support
Academic support

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Our Students and A Mindfulness Approach

Kid exercising - about us at red mountain colorado

At Red Mountain Colorado, our mindfulness-based teen treatment program helps students discover their inherent goodness, boost positive self-esteem, and give back to their families and communities. Our daily meditation program is led by sanctioned Zen and Tibetan meditation teachers, making mindfulness a core part of our program. This “rocket fuel” approach, when combined with therapy and community integration, propels our students forward in a way that no other program can match.

By learning mindfulness, young people gain self-efficacy and awareness of their needs, reducing the likelihood of falling back into old behaviors. Our program helps students redirect their life path and maintain the progress they made in primary treatment in the real world.

Community Integration

At Red Mountain Colorado, we take a unique approach to community integration for our adolescent students. We believe in exposing them to “real world” situations rather than isolating them in an extended-care model. This engaging approach not only makes treatment more enjoyable, but also better prepares our students for life after treatment.

With supervised off-campus activities happening daily, our students have opportunities to explore their interests and foster relationships in the community. This community-integrated program is vital to a successful transition home, as it provides ongoing coaching and positive connections for a more fulfilling life after treatment.

If this sounds like your child and you would like to speak with our admissions team about enrollment, feel free to call us 24/7.
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