About Our Residential Treatment Program

Residential Program For Teens

Red Mountain Colorado was founded to help struggling teens work through behavioral and emotional challenges. We specialize in the treatment of mental health and behavioral challenges including trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD and substance use and abuse. We empower teens to build healthy coping skills and habits that they can use to work through the challenges they face and create a happier life.

When a teen struggles with one or more emotional issues, as well as one or more behavioral issues, we call this a dual diagnosis disorder (also known as a co-occurring condition). Our program is structured to treat dual diagnosis disorders collaboratively and effectively, with lasting results.

Mindfulness-Based Treatment

Our mindfulness-based teen treatment program helps students discover their inherent goodness, create positive self-esteem, and focus on giving back to their families and communities. From there, they can focus on redirecting their life path in a positive direction and maintaining the strides made in primary treatment in a “real world” setting.

Red Mountain Colorado offers access to excellent clinical services, as well as a daily meditation program designed by two sanctioned Zen teachers and a teacher in the Tibetan meditation tradition.  Having mindfulness at the core of our program, and facilitated by legitimate teachers, creates a “rocket fuel” when combined with therapy and community integration that propels our students forward in a way no other program offers.   Quite simply, when a young person learns mindfulness, they also learn self-efficacy; awareness of their needs (and better ways to meet those needs); and greatly reduces their chances of slipping into old behaviors.

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Clinical Sophistication

All clinicians at Red Mountain Colorado are trained in evidence-based and experiential therapeutic modalities. Each of our clinicians brings different approaches to therapy as they all have a wide repertoire of experience. We are able to take each student and match them with the appropriate therapists based on philosophical, personality, and clinical modality preferences. Therapists are all trained in brainspotting, a cutting-edge trauma modality; have extensive experience working with adolescents and their families; have multiple approaches for working with dual diagnosis students; and can shift between various modalities based on each student’s needs.

In addition to our unprecedented mindfulness programming for adolescents, Red Mountain Colorado also offers:

  • Adventure activities
  • Cutting-edge, individual therapy including brainspotting 
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy 
  • Parent coaching
  • Physical fitness 
  • Executive functioning skill building and support
  • Academic support

Community Integration

Students are integrated into our local community in a radically different approach to adolescent treatment.  Unlike the traditional teen treatment model, where students are isolated from the community in an extended-care model and then expected to go home and succeed, we believe in exposing our students to “real world” situations.  This both makes treatment more fun and engaging, and increases buy-in for our students.  It also prepares them better for life after treatment.  

Connecting with the community helps students re-integrate into a more normalized setting after leaving primary treatment. This provides opportunities for students to practice their therapeutic and life skills, and reinforce their progress every day.   Our location allows students to work on themselves without being removed from day to day life, and allows them to be, as one of our students put it, “real kids” while they are with us.  With off campus activities typically happening daily in a structured, supervised fashion, students get to foster relationships in the community and find opportunities to explore interests which carry over into life after treatment.

Having a community-integrated program is vital to a successful transition home following treatment. With home visits, off-campus activities, and ongoing coaching, students have the opportunity to learn how to make their lives after treatment more fulfilling with positive connections and new interests.

Holistic Trauma and Depression Treatment Program

We believe that experiential and holistic therapy methods can be very effective in treating emotional and behavioral mental health issues.

So, instead of spending the majority of the program in a traditional counseling setting (although that is also an important aspect), our students find themselves on hikes with mountain views, shooting hoops with their therapists, going to Jujitsu classes, going out on bike rides, or practicing Yoga or Tai Chi underneath the blue sky.

Throughout our program, our students are guided by our highly seasoned staff away from destructive patterns and choices toward productive, healthy patterns and choices. Red Mountain Colorado provides our students with the tools to truly launch into happy, healthy, productive lives.

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