Our Approach

Our teen trauma treatment program helps our students overcome their challenges in a supportive setting. Our approach combines a mindfulness-focused, community-integrated setting with a strong clinical team focused on giving your child the best possible individualized treatment plan. Students discover their passions, overcome their challenges, and build confidence in a supportive environment.

Mindfulness Approach


Strong Clinical Focus

Healthy Relationships

For a teen struggling with mental health challenges and unhealthy choices, learning how to build and nurture relationships that are supportive and healthy is an important part of the healing journey. 

Setting Boundaries is an Important Life Skill

Why is setting boundaries so essential to living a happy, healthy life?

At RMC, we believe that establishing and living with boundaries in everyday life requires hard work and determination. It is a life skill that many of our students don’t quite grasp prior to their arrival. However, upon graduation, many of our students have come to understand themselves and develop healthy boundaries in their lives. RMC students participate in daily community group sessions, where they dive deeply into the topic of boundaries and how to apply them in everyday life.

Our students learn to: 

  • Eliminate Unhealthy Relationships to Promote and Preserve Healing
  • Break Free From Codependency
  • Set Healthy Boundaries 
  • Discover Their Own Self-Worth

Accredited Academic Programming

We help teens stay on track with their education while in treatment. We understand that parents don’t want their child’s academic goals to suffer because of treatment, and so we create an individualized academic plan that keeps your child on the path to success.

Our academic team teaches our students how to focus on those strengths in achieving their academic goals.  These goals are developed by the team including the student, parents, and staff.  Red Mountain uses transcripts, previous testing, and state assessments to plan for any accommodations or learning differences to ensure that each student experiences academic success.

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Meditation & Mindfulness