About Our Facility

Red Mountain Colorado is located on a beautiful, spacious campus in the Colorado Front Range city of Greeley.

A former bed and breakfast, our gorgeously appointed facility is a world unto itself — and yet is located centrally in Greeley.  The layout and location of our peaceful campus allows our students to “unplug” from their normal lives. It creates an opportunity for significant clinical growth to occur in a secured environment. Our integration into the city of Greeley, as opposed to being isolated on a remote campus, allows for frequent socialization and recreation activities in a town environment. This is truly the best of both worlds as our students can focus on themselves and truly heal and grow without setting themselves up for failure by forgetting how to function within the context of a greater community.

The campus features a:

  • Central grass “quad” for socialization and recreation
  • Basketball court
  • Beautiful gazebo with a spectacular view of the mountainous Front Range
  • Private yoga and meditation space
  • Spacious, recently remodeled industrial kitchen
  • On-site medical office
  • Movie projection room
  • Fully equipped school facility. 

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Greeley’s inviting community  

Greeley is located north of Denver, and east of Boulder, Estes Park, and the Flatiron mountains.  The proximity of a scenic lake in the neighboring town of Loveland, as well as the mountains along the Front Range, allow for a variety of adventure and recreation activities, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and much more. Easy access to Denver provides ample opportunity for families to visit their sons during their stay with us. Additionally, we’re close to sporting events, concerts, and other cultural events.   

While most of our time is spent on campus, we strongly believe in keeping our students active. Our campus is convieniently located near the Greeley Rec Center, where we do daily excursions, as well as twice-weekly all-day adventures and regular outings for fun and leisure. 

Greeley is home to the University of Northern Colorado, and has the appeal of an academic community without being a party town. It’s home to a warm community of families and professionals, combining the friendliness of a small town with the convenience and resources of a large city.

Like most cities in Colorado, Greeley enjoys exceptionally good weather, with sunshine year-round, snow for winter sports, and a mild summer.  

Greeley features an abundance of parks and gardens, which provide many opportunities for leisure and recreation activities with our students. 

For all these reasons, Greeley is considered by many to be the best-kept secret in Colorado.   We feel very fortunate to be located in such a nurturing, comfortable community, with abundant natural resources, an unpretentious attitude, and plenty of activities to keep our students busy during off-campus excursions.  

The combination of the layout of our idyllic campus and its location in this wonderful town provide an ideal backdrop for our students to heal from the pain and poor decisions of the past, learn to live in the present moment, and plan for an amazing future.