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    Academics at Red Mountain Colorado

    One of the biggest concerns parents have about rehab is that their child will fall behind in school while they’re getting dual diagnosis treatment. That’s why we take your teen’s education just as seriously as you do.

    At Red Mountain Colorado, we offer an exceptional academic program that your teen will participate in during the weekdays as they’re getting treatment. A balance of evidence-based treatment and schooling will heal your teen’s mind, body and spirit and allow them to pick up their education where they left off.

    Our Academic Program for Teens in Treatment

    Once your teen starts treatment, they’ll participate in our academic program five days a week, similar to how they would if they were still going to school back home. During the weekdays, your teen will spend the morning participating in experiential therapy to promote healing. This will help focus your child’s mind and prepare them for their school session from 1-4pm.

    During these three hours of the day, your teen will work with our Master’s-level teacher in our newly-finished classroom. This teacher will manage your teen’s education plan, review their progress, keep their studies on track and guide them every step of the way. Your teen’s teacher is also available to provide personal and direct instruction tutoring if your teen needs it.

    Alta Independent, Our Preferred Education System

    Our education program at Red Mountain Colorado is built around Alta Independent, an online alternative to traditional education that makes it easy for your teen to continue their education while in treatment.

    Alta Independent is an established online high school accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) through AdvancED. With curriculum and coursework for grades 6-12, Alta Independent provides the resources and flexibility your teen needs to maintain their education while at Red Mountain Colorado. With a wide range of courses and college prep, Alta Independent can also help your teen earn the credits and knowledge necessary to prepare for college.

    Maintain Your Teen’s Education at Red Mountain Colorado

    Your child’s education is important. While their health takes top priority, we also aim to ensure that your teen continues their academic studies. Our school program at Red Mountain Colorado will help prepare your teen for all that lies ahead once they’ve completed treatment.

    To learn more about our academic program and discover what your teen’s education will look like during treatment, contact our expert team today.

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