What Makes Us Different?

At Red Mountain Colorado, we believe in focusing on one thing and doing it better than anyone else. Our mindfulness-based approach sets us apart, allowing us to help anxious individuals with a history of poor choices to gain understanding and change how they relate to themselves and others, making lasting changes that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Our students learn how to work with their minds effectively and become their own best friend through practicing mindfulness and engaging in mindfulness-informed therapy. As a result, they experience changes from the inside out, improving their relationships with themselves and others. Our culture of connection, commitment, genuineness, respect, and mutual support encourages personal success and fosters positive changes within families.

We provide a supportive environment that allows students to apply the skills they learn in real-life situations. Through our approach, students learn to embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth and are given the freedom to align their choices with their therapeutic progress. We encourage a natural and sustainable transition into post-treatment life, rather than an abrupt leap into unfamiliar territory.

Our approach is different and effective. When students come to our program and see the process through, the finished product is simply astounding. Our students graduate equipped with the skills and mindset to live life on their terms, and we are honored to be a part of their journey towards lasting change.

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