I Can’t Thank the People at Red Mountain Enough

My son had completed a primary care program and I was looking for something different for aftercare. An important criterion was that it would be relatively small, a place where he could develop strong relationships with all

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Expect a Place Where Your Loved One is Treated with Care and Respect

Our family was attracted to the philosophy of Red Mountain Colorado (RMC), with its emphasis on yoga and meditation. They also seemed strong in treatment areas we needed.

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After our son completed wilderness training, we felt overwhelmed by the options for aftercare. We finally narrowed it down to three possibilities and after talking with Aleshka, we thought Red Mountain Colorado

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 We are forever grateful

When our son was at the wilderness program, a parent coach gave us some options for aftercare, including Red Mountain Colorado (RMC). We also had testing done, and the results suggested he might do well in a smaller setting so he couldn’t “fly under the radar.” That was what led us to RMC.

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