Trauma, depression, and anxiety over prolonged periods of time can cause damage to our bodies. Some examples would include gastrointestinal problems, increased blood pressure and other heart-related issues, muscle atrophy and back problems from poor posture, and nutrient deficiencies from a lack of proper dieting. All of these, if gone unaddressed, have the potential to cause more severe and even deadly health issues, which is why the students at Red Mountain Colorado receive proper guidance on diet and nutrition.

Eating Healthy

We do not simply plan their diet for our students and there is no weekly meal plan where everybody eats the same meal. Rather, we educate our students on nutrition and health and empower them to do their own grocery shopping and cook their own meals. This way, when they are ready to launch, they will have the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a healthy diet on their own.

Many studies have shown that nutrition is a key part of feeding the brain and reducing anxiety and depression. We teach our students how to eat right for the rest of their lives. All meal plans are individually customized by our Nutrition Coach, who teaches our students to eat healthily and make doing so TASTE GOOD!

Nutrition is one of the many variables we utilize to allow our students to become as healthy as possible. When combined with exercise, yoga, and meditation and mindfulness, these variables work synergistically to help our students feel their best and thus enjoy every moment of each day.

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