After our son completed wilderness training, we felt overwhelmed by the options for aftercare. We finally narrowed it down to three possibilities and after talking with Aleshka, we thought Red Mountain Colorado (RMC) would be a good fit.

We were attracted to the mindfulness approach, which did work well for him. We were also attracted to the opportunities for outdoors and physical activities. Those were somewhat restricted by the pandemic, but RMC made adjustments and did the best they could under the circumstances, which we appreciated.

Once he was there, we trusted the process and the place. We always felt his needs were being taken into account, and there were specific therapies that were most appropriate for him. He learned how to deal with his anxieties and his feelings, and not to expect instant gratification all the time.

When he came home, he was different; he was more considerate and we saw a comprehensive change in him. At the same time, RMC treated the whole family and we learned how to hold boundaries with him, which was critical to his recovery. We were given the tools to see the big picture and our responsibilities in the process. It was important for us to realize that we should not always try to “rescue” him. We had a family meeting with our son’s therapist every week and we also worked with a family coach. This made us feel very comfortable with everything that was happening.

Our advice to families considering RMC is to “just trust the process,” as we did, and “do the work.” There will be good days and bad days, but you will get a positive result if you make a commitment to the Red Mountain program.

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