Teen Residential Treatment Center in Colorado

A Nurturing Environment Where Your Teen Can Heal

Your teen’s risky behaviors may have started out of curiosity, but it quickly slid into escapism and an unhealthy way to cope with the struggles of their life. Before you knew it, your child became harder to recognize. Mental health challenges were an issue you’ve heard about, but you never thought you’d experience it in your family.

With your teen suffering from depression and anxiety, you’re left wondering what your options are. With so many options for residential treatment centers in Colorado, how can you decide which program is right for your teen? At Red Mountain Colorado, we use a mindfulness- based approach to break through negative thoughts and destructive behaviors so your teen can heal. Our program is designed to help your family move forward by treating the trauma that’s fueling your teen’s negative behaviors.

Why Choose Residential Treatment Centers In Colorado for Your Teen?

If your teen is struggling from trauma, depression, or anxiety, it’s natural to be hesitant about sending them to a residential treatment program. You want to be there for them because watching them suffer is taking a toll on your family. But, sending your teen to a residential treatment program is one of the best solutions you can do to help them recover.

Here are some of the reasons why teen residential treatment is beneficial for your family:

It Gets Your Teen Out of a Toxic Environment

You want your teen with you as they recover. But did you know that staying in their normal environment could be fueling their negative coping behaviors? Residential treatment removes your teen from the negative influences and environment that are contributing to their addiction. At Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will find themselves in a new environment where they can learn healthy coping skills without being held back by their usual triggers.

Structure Forges a Path to Recovery

For many parents, seeing a daily schedule can seem restricting from a distance. But the structured routine at Red Mountain Colorado helps your teen focus on the healing process. From built-in time for mindfulness, meditation and yoga practice along with educational support with an onsite teacher, your teen can build new skills that will help them achieve lasting recovery. If you have any concerns, feel free to explore our daily schedule.

Residential Treatment Gives Your Family Space to Heal

Your teen’s addiction doesn’t just affect them, it impacts your entire family. While it might be hard to see at first, residential treatment can also give your family time to heal from the damage addiction has caused. While your teen is in treatment, you’ll be able to transition back into a normal schedule and put your own personal needs and care first. This time and space can help you recover from the destruction that mental health issues have caused and help you prepare to support your teen when they return home from treatment.

Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Your Teen?

An Emphasis on Mindfulness and Meditation

No one plans on falling into negative coping behaviors, and your teen is no different. But the stress of their formative years or any trauma your teen has experienced has led to the development of destructive behaviors. Their behavior is an unhealthy way to cope, but our program strives to instill a level of self-compassion to repair the damage their unhealthy coping mechanisms have caused.

Our mindfulness and meditation practices help your teen be more aware and in tune with the present moment. They will begin to recognize negative thoughts and feelings as they’re occurring. As they continue to develop this skill, they’ll learn to stop the momentum of those thoughts before they develop into destructive behaviors.

We Offer Family Therapy and Coaching

We know that your teen’s depression and trauma affects your family, too. At Red Mountain Colorado, we focus on providing support for the entire family system. When your teen first enters treatment, they might not be ready to engage in family therapy. So instead of forcing family interaction before they’re ready, we’ll provide you with weekly updates and coaching sessions to help you identify ways to improve your parenting style.

As your teen improves, we’ll gradually introduce family interactions. We’ll start with telephone-based interviews and work our way up to onsite visits with your teen. For trust and communication to be restored, we believe treatment should involve the entire family.

At Red Mountain Colorado, We Help Colorado Teens Heal from Depression and Anxiety

Mental health issues are challenging, but it’s not something you have to navigate alone. As one of the leading residential treatment centers in Colorado, Red Mountain Colorado can help your teen find lasting recovery. Making a decision like this for your family is tough, which why we invite you to learn more about our program by speaking with our caring team today. There’s hope for your teen to heal and for your family to become whole again.

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