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    Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Teens

    Your teen didn’t just start drinking or using drugs because they wanted to. Instead, your child is going through something that even they may not realize or understand. Stress from bullying or other trauma can overwhelm a child’s mind and body so much so that it leads to impulsivity and other behavioral problems.

    That’s why we do more than simply treat teen addiction at Red Mountain Colorado. We leverage a highly specialized mindfulness-based approach to treatment of your teenager, so that your teen can uncover these underlying stressors, understand them and develop more positive thought patterns and behaviors.

    What is Meditation and Mindfulness?

    Meditation therapy for teens is the practice of quietly noticing our thoughts and feelings, and remaining aware and open to the present moment. Mindfulness is the ability to do so while engaged in an activity or interacting with others.

    Daily meditation has been proven to offer neuroplasticity benefits and improvements in brain chemistry. If your teen has suffered from trauma or substance abuse, the maturation of their prefrontal cortex, or frontal lobe, may have been stunted, and meditation can aid in its repair. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for making mature decisions, so it is imperative that it is allowed to fully mature, thereby giving your teen the best possible chance of getting better.

    What Meditation and Mindfulness Practice is Like at Red Mountain Colorado

    Your teen will begin each day meditating with us as a group, led by one of our staff who are long-time meditation teachers. While many programs only teach meditation once or twice a week, we’ve found that it’s not adequate to achieve the changes we seek for your teen. That’s why we have our students practice meditation therapy and mindfulness every single day.

    During treatment, we will teach your teen the basic tenets of Buddhist meditation:

    • Being present
    • Caring for others
    • Recognizing the impermanence of all things
    • Spaciousness
    • Ability to change
    • Getting out of your head and into the moment
    • Not believing all of you “story lines”
    • Not acting out of anger

    At Red Mountain Colorado, both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome. If your teen does not know how to meditate, our staff will teach them this valuable skill. If they are already a practitioner, we can take them even further in their practice.

    We will also encourage your teen to expand their meditation practice on their own. Our staff is always available and willing to provide guidance to those who are interested in deepening their practice.

    Meditation Instruction at Red Mountain Colorado

    We believe that having trained teachers on site every day is the best way to help your teen successfully learn and practice meditation and mindfulness.

    The level of instruction your teen will receive at Red Mountain Colorado is unparalleled. Our co-founders, Maureen White and Josh White, bring a combined 50 years of teen meditation training to their work at Red Mountain Colorado.

    Maureen has served as core staff in seven separate month-long meditation retreats and worked in one of the preeminent meditation centers in the world. She has spent a total of two years living residentially in meditation centers and is sanctioned to teach six different styles in a system focusing on making friends with oneself and taming one’s mind.

    She is among a selective group qualified to teach the Five Wisdom Energies, a revolutionary system of Tibetan yoga that helps practitioners get in touch with the wisdom inherent in even the most challenging situations and extreme states of mind.

    Josh is a Sensei (sanctioned teacher) in the White Plum tradition of Zen meditation, and lived in a meditation center for three years. He completed koan study after 19 years of practice and study and incorporates koans (paradoxical riddles meant to cultivate kindness toward others and an appreciation of the present moment), into his teaching at Red Mountain Colorado.

    Our teen meditation therapy grogram allows teachers to meet students where they are and do not force the practice on anyone. For some students, meditation is “one tool in the tool belt,” and for others, it becomes a lifelong practice.

    The Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness Therapy

    Regular meditation therapy and mindfulness practice can help ease your teen’s anxiety that has been brought on by stressful situations and destructive habits. Taking a mindfulness-based approach to addiction treatment can help your teen achieve the following outcomes:

    Greater Self-Awareness and Self-Control

    Meditation and mindfulness will teach your teen to stay in the present moment and acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. In turn, this will help them resist impulsivity and be in more control of their behaviors.

    Increased Empathy Towards Others

    Your teen’s destructive behaviors have affected you, your family and others around them. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, your teen will learn how to manage negative thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns so they can grow in their empathy towards others.

    Improved Behavior and School Performance

    Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness help adolescents feel calmer, happier and more relaxed. Meditation therapy also improves a child’s ability to stay in the present moment and concentrate. All these improvements in mood and attention will help your teen do better in school and exhibit less aggressive behaviors.

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    If you’re worried about your teen’s destructive behaviors and mood swings, meditation and mindfulness therapy can help them overcome what they’re struggling with and bring about an inner peace they’ve never experienced before.

    If you’re ready to get your teen the mindfulness-based addiction treatment they need, we’re here to help. Contact our expert team today to get started.

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    Meditation & Mindfulness

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