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Do you have additional questions about Red Mountain Colorado and what our approach to teen residential treatment is like? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find the answers you’re searching for.

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At Red Mountain Colorado, the minimum length of stay for graduation is six and a half months, and a typical course of treatment will last eight to nine months. Compelling research shows that it takes that length of time to create positive changes in a teen’s brain that are lasting.   Having treated nearly 500 students between our two locations, we are quite skilled at guiding students through primary treatment, all the way to a happy post-treatment life.  We emphasize the importance of full re-integration into the home environment, which typically requires several visits to Greeley for families, and several visits home for our students.   We are not arbitrary in our approach to discharge planning and are prepared to keep a student for as long as they need to be with us, always with an eye toward the ultimate goal of returning home as soon as is clinically feasible.  

We take your child’s security and safety just as seriously as you do. Our team of professionals is experienced in treating teens and adolescents and follows specific protocols to ensure your teen’s safety. When our students participate in physical activities and outdoor recreation, they use proper gear and equipment and are chaperoned and supported by adults who are trained to take action if needed.  Our campus is secured by a security gate with an alarm; security cameras; and 24/7 awake staff. 

Consistent violence toward others can be a rule out, as can active suicidal ideation. Some significant sexual acting out that would make our community unsafe would also be problematic. If you are worried about any of these issues, a quick phone call will allow us to ask a few questions and tell you if your child will fit in our program.

That is quite normal for all of our students. We are a trauma-specific treatment program. We focus on providing dual diagnosis treatment to help address mental health and behavioral struggles.  Most other co-occurring mental health issues are responsive to our treatment.

Yes. For a short time at the beginning of treatment, we do not allow access. However, your student will quite quickly be able to interact with technology via interactive schooling and phone calls home. As they move to the upper phases of the program, technology is allowed on visits and, in special cases, on campus.

Yes. If you and the therapist agree on contact from family and friends, we will facilitate that, and in fact, consider this to be a vital part of our program.  

As long as your child is medically stable, that is not a problem. Our medical staff will maintain contact with your child during their stay. All of our students have access to a psychiatrist if psychotropic meds need to be monitored. Medical concerns outside these can be managed by office visits facilitated by our staff. We transport for braces, dermatology visits, and the like.

When packing for their stay, your teen should bring sealed toiletries, prescriptions with their original pharmacy container with labels intact, sunglasses, sunscreen, electric shaver, pictures from home, a list of names and phone numbers of family members, any books they enjoy reading, a journal, art supplies if they wish, clothes appropriate to our environment (which our admissions team can discuss with you), fun games or activities (Tetris, Rubiks’ cube, Koosh ball, etc.) and a watch.   They may also bring musical instruments.

Here’s a full list of what your child should and should not bring to treatment.

We have teens from 14 to 17 years old, and the average varies depending on our current milieu.  Please ask our admissions team about the current makeup of our milieu.  

Our spacious, well-appointed rooms are typically shared with two students per room, sharing a private bathroom.   Visitors often comment that most programs with rooms our size will have four or more students per room, but we believe in the dignity of personal space for our students.   

Yes. We believe that part of treatment is being responsible for our community. This includes keeping rooms clean, helping out in the kitchen, vacuuming, and other chores. These kinds of opportunities are a helpful part of contributing to the community, and also a great opportunity to learn and practice executive functioning skills.  

The typical day for our students begins with breakfast at 7:00 a.m., followed by meditation, community check-in, and group therapy.  Adventure occurs every Monday and is typically an all-day event.  On weekdays (Tuesday through Friday), our students then attend school until 2 pm, with a break for lunch.  Afternoon activities may include additional group therapy; volunteering at local non-profits; individual therapy and tutoring sessions; and visits to the Funplex and skate park.  Dinner is served around 5:00 p.m., followed by evening lectures, groups, counseling, community activities, time to work on assignments, and twelve-step meetings (where indicated). Red Mountain Colorado’s rich day of programming usually ends at 9:00 – 9:30 p.m. 

On weekends, our students are active outdoors or at the gym, have time for relaxing and completing assignments, have group therapy, and have fun in the community. 

Your first step is to call our admissions professionals. They will conduct a brief phone assessment to get an initial understanding of what your child is struggling with and the type of treatment they need.  We’ll then send you an electronic admissions document that you will fill out and return to us.  After reviewing your application, our leadership team will ask to speak with your student, to determine their readiness for our program.  If, after going through this process, all parties agree that Red Mountain is a good fit, we will proceed with scheduling an enrollment appointment.  Please note that we welcome you to tour at your convenience before, during, and after enrollment.

Red Mountain Colorado does not accept Medicaid for treatment. For Colorado Residents, please contact your local crisis center for a referral to resources that accept Medicaid. Find more information at or call +1-844-493-8255. For out-of-state residents please call the customer service number on your Medicaid card for direction.

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