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Individual Therapy for Teens at Red Mountain Colorado

Trauma and mental health aren’t easy topics to talk about, especially for teens who may not fully understand what is happening to them. While we all have stressors or worries that we don’t like to talk about, suppressing them can lead to sudden outbursts and chronic mental health symptoms.

When your teen is suffering from trauma and mental health problems, it can be difficult for them to cope. They often feel isolated and alone. The anxiety of not knowing how to break free from these issues begins to weigh on them deeply. But with the right expertise and personalized attention, they have the opportunity to be found and move forward.

This is why individual counseling is so important in successful treatment. At Red Mountain Colorado, we provide a safe space for your teen to open up at their own pace and on their own terms about what they’re going through. Our individual therapy sessions are designed to help your teen feel comfortable enough to speak their mind without worrying about any repercussions.

What Your Family Can Expect from Our Individual Counseling for Teens

When your teen arrives at Red Mountain Colorado, they will be paired with one of our therapists who will serve as their go-to person during individual counseling sessions and whenever they need to talk.

Your teen’s schedule will include an hour-long therapy session one day a week, where they will be able to work through their mental health challenges in a formal setting. If deemed necessary, your teen’s therapist will schedule more than one therapy session a week to give your teen additional one-on-one attention as they progress through treatment.

Your teen will also have regular, daily interactions with their therapist outside of the formal individual counseling sessions. This is where your teen’s therapist will provide informal coaching, encouragement and “pep talks” to help keep your teen motivated and determined. These informal interactions have the opportunity to lead to breakthrough moments. It’s a chance for your teen to apply what they have learned in therapy to their daily life. And it all happens with a trusted advisor standing by their side to support them.
We’ve found that this combination of intensive therapy and informal interactions work very effectively at helping your teen relax during treatment and trust that their therapist is on their side.

Our therapists are also on-site every day of the week. If your teen asks for additional guidance, an emergency occurs or their therapist isn’t available, our team is able to accommodate and ensure your teen gets the support they need.

What Our Therapists Are Like?

At Red Mountain Colorado, our goal is to provide clinical services that meets or even exceeds what we would want for our own children. This is why individual therapy is conducted by eight highly experienced and compassionate clinicians who provide unparalleled care to your teen day in and day out every week.

Our therapists play a significant role in your teen’s recovery by serving as someone your teen can talk to in confidence about everything they’re struggling with. Our therapists are trained to work with a wide range of mental health challenges, including depression, anxiety, trauma, process challenges (such as gambling, pornography, or the Internet), and failure to launch.

Besides our team of trained therapists, Red Mountain Colorado’s owners and operators are also seasoned clinicians with decades of experience in the field. This allows us to hold our clinical staff to an exceptionally high clinical standard, ensuring your teen gets the proper care and attention they deserve.

Get Your Teen Started at Red Mountain Colorado Today

Our goal is the success of all who come through the Red Mountain Colorado program. To facilitate this result, we have created an atmosphere of trust and clinical rigor that is second to none. Contact our friendly and welcoming team to learn more about our treatment program and to find out how you can get your teen started today.

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