Dual-Diagnosis Disorder Treatment

Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s confusing and heartbreaking to watch your once energetic and resilient teen turn into a moody, aggressive child you don’t recognize. Negative coping behavior is part of the problem, but it doesn’t fully explain why your child has spiraled out of control. In many cases, depression, anxiety or trauma is the missing link.

At Red Mountain Colorado, we understand the stressors that teens go through on a daily basis. That’s why we are specialized in trauma to help your teen eradicate negative behaviors and learn to cope with mental health challenges in a healthier, more productive way.

The Dual Diagnosis Disorders We Treat at Red Mountain Colorado

There are a lot of factors that may be affecting your teen’s mental health. From simply witnessing the latest news updates on TV to personally experiencing bullying and abuse, your teen may have a lot on their mind that’s triggering a mental health disorder.

Usually, the symptoms of a mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or personality disorders happen first and trigger the use of your teen’s negative coping behaviors.

The most common mental disorders include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Usually, the symptoms of the mental disorder happen first and begin to trigger the risky behaviors that make them feel better temporarily. When disorders like these take hold, they can have a significant impact on your teen’s physical and psychological development and can affect brain development, the immune system and hormonal systems. These mental health challenges can even increase the risk of diseases like heart disease and negatively impact life expectancy.

This is why we go beyond just treating substance use symptoms and make sure we’re getting to the bottom of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and trauma.


Red Mountain Colorado’s Approach to Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teens

At Red Mountain Colorado, your child will engage in an array of effective and holistic therapies created for the purpose of healing the body, mind and spirit. These therapeutic activities include adventure therapy, meditation and mindfulness, individual therapy, group therapy, community service projects and much more.

Your teen will also have plenty of opportunities for rest, sleep and nutrition – all important factors needed to effectively heal the body and mind from substance use and dual diagnosis disorders.

Together, these combined interventions work synergistically to help your teen engage in the healing process and mature at a healthy, rapid pace.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Dual diagnosis disorders can change the structure and functionality of your teen’s brain. That’s why your teen has mood swings, acts out impulsively and participates in destructive behaviors. At Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will participate in daily meditation and mindfulness sessions where they’ll develop an inner calm that helps them overcome impulsivity, manage their mental health and make smarter decisions.

Adventure Therapy

One of the best ways to heal a traumatized brain is to introduce new and healthy experiences over time. That’s why your teen’s treatment schedule will include two adventure therapy sessions a week that include outdoor activities like rock climbing, white water rafting and much more.

These challenging and rewarding adventure therapy sessions can help your teen:

  • Replace negative stress responses and behaviors with new, healthier ones
  • Develop trusting relationships with the adult experts leading the adventure therapy sessions
  • Grow leadership and self-efficacy skills
  • Become physically stronger and healthier

Experiential Therapy

The trauma your teen has experienced and the mental health issues they’re facing have changed the structural and functional abilities of their brain. At Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will experience a full schedule of therapist-led activities, including individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, family therapy and much more.

These experiential therapy sessions will help your teen unravel and process what they’ve been going through and develop new coping skills and behaviors that promote maturity and growth.

Your Teen’s Healing Journey is Waiting at Red Mountain Colorado

The world today throws many new challenges at your teen that can overwhelm them, damage their mental health and lead to self-medication as a way to cope. If your teen is struggling and needs to find their way again, we can help.

At Red Mountain Colorado, we take an evidence-based and holistic approach to teen dual diagnosis disorder treatment. To learn more and find out how you can get your teen started, contact our expert team today.

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