Teenage Opioid Addiction Treatment

What path was your teen on before getting addicted to opioids? Maybe they excelled in academics or had stunning athletic ability propelling them towards a college scholarship. Or perhaps they had incredible artistic abilities or showed great compassion and empathy towards others that was beyond their years.

But then they were prescribed painkillers after a car accident, injury or surgery. And now all you see is a moody, aggressive and sick child no longer headed towards that bright future you hoped for them.

Fortunately, there is a way to reverse the damage and help your teen recover. It all starts at Red Mountain Colorado. Our teen opioid addiction treatment program is designed to help break your teen’s addiction and help them recover from any underlying trauma. Through a mindfulness-based approach, we can help your teen get back to living a healthy, happy life.

How We Treat Your Teen’s Opioid Addiction

At Red Mountain Colorado, we’ve found that it isn’t just the substance abuse plaguing your teen’s life. In many cases, teens suffering from addiction are also struggling with trauma, ongoing physical pain from an injury or a mental health disorder like depression. No matter what the underlying reason is, your teen has found solace in opioid abuse.

This is why our approach to opioid addiction treatment includes evidence-based practices, trauma therapy and mindfulness. These combined areas of focus are effective at helping to heal your teen’s mind, body and spirit from the damage opioid addiction has caused.

What Will My Teen Do In Opioid Addiction Treatment?

Your teen comes to treatment with the need to make a positive change in their life so they can avoid a future where they continue abusing pain pills and eventually transition to heroin.

At Red Mountain Colorado, our mission is to help your teen prevent a life like that through evidence-based treatments, experiential and adventure therapies, and online schooling.

During your teen’s time at our treatment facility, this is what they’ll be doing:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions that are designed to help your teen confront and address stressors and any underlying trauma.
  • Adventure therapy through activities like hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting. These activities provide a healthy outlet for stress and frustration.
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice to help address negative thoughts, impulses and dangerous behaviors.
  • Experiential therapy designed to help your teen develop new coping skills that promote maturity and understanding.
  • Family therapy and coaching to ensure that healing takes place throughout your entire family system.

Why Choose Red Mountain Colorado for Teen Opioid Addiction Treatment?

Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness for Healing Your Teen

Negative thoughts and impulsivity are plaguing your teen and egging on their opioid addiction. That’s why meditation and mindfulness are so important in addiction rehab. At Red Mountain Colorado, your teen will learn how to be in the present moment and be more aware of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This daily practice can heal your teen’s brain after addiction and trauma, help them manage opioid cravings and improve their decision-making skills.

Life Skills that Help Forge Long-Term Healing

At Red Mountain Colorado, we know that overcoming addiction is both a freeing and life-saving experience. That’s why part of your teen’s treatment includes learning important life skills like setting healthy boundaries with others and eliminating destructive and impulsive behaviors. These life skills can help grow your teen’s confidence and set them up for long-term healing and success.

Adventure Therapy to Foster New Passions and Coping Skills

What did your teen enjoy doing before they became addicted to opioids? Maybe it was playing baseball or running track. Or maybe your teen used to love performing theater or painting. Whatever their passion, our goal is to remind them and even spark some new interests along the way. Through adventure therapy sessions, your teen will have exciting and challenging experiences that can teach them more productive ways to cope with stress and reignite their passions.

Contact Red Mountain Colorado for Teenage Opioid Treatment

Your family’s future doesn’t have to include more addiction and heartbreak. With our opioid addiction treatment, there is hope to bring stability and joy back into your home. Isn’t it time to give your child the chance to recover from opioid addiction and regain a fulfilling and healthy life? Contact our expert team today to get started.

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