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    Areas we Serve

    Helping Teens All Across the Country Heal from Trauma

    At Red Mountain Colorado, it’s our mission to be the highest quality residential treatment center for teens across the country and around the world. We know traumatic events don’t discriminate based on where you live. That’s why our doors are open to teens and families across the entire nation.

    Areas We Serve

    Explore some of the key areas we serve and learn why Red Mountain Colorado is the ideal place for your child to overcome and heal from the trauma they’ve experienced.

    • Colorado
    • Utah
    • Ohio
    • West Virginia
    • New Hampshire
    • Massachusetts
    • Maryland
    • Michigan
    • New York
    • New Jersey

    Why Send Your Teen to Red Mountain Colorado

    Our Location

    Our teen treatment center is located right outside Denver, where the noise and temptation of the city is replaced by the calming sounds of nature. Through activities like rock climbing, hiking and white-water rafting, your teen will learn to replace old stress patterns with more positive and meaningful thoughts and behaviors that can help them cope with emotional pain.

    A Unique and Effective Mindfulness Approach

    Impulsivity, lashing out and poor decision-making are all behavioral issues your teen is struggling with that may have led to tough choices. At Red Mountain Colorado, we take a mindfulness-based approach to treatment. Your teen will participate in regular meditation to improve self-awareness and heal the parts of the brain damaged by trauma.

    Family Coaching and Involvement

    Risky and challenging behaviors don’t only affect your teen. Your entire family needs to heal and rebuild the connections that have been damaged, which is why we provide family coaching and therapy. While your child is in treatment, you may be able to participate in coaching sessions, family therapy over the phone and in-person visits.

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    Are you ready to get your teen the treatment and care they so desperately need? As one of the most premier teen treatment centers in the country, we’re ready to help your child address these issues head-on and build a better, stronger future.

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