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Private Pay Treatment: Paying for Treatment at Red Mountain Colorado

Your teen’s unhealthy behaviors are a sign that they’re also struggling with something else beneath the surface that they don’t know how to deal with. This means you need a treatment center that not only understands what your child is going through, but also has the means and expertise to help them fully heal and recover.

At Red Mountain Colorado, it’s our mission to be the highest quality treatment center for teens in the world. In order to provide your teen with exceptional and personalized care you won’t find anywhere else, we are a private pay treatment facility.

What Makes Red Mountain Colorado Unique?

Your Teen’s Treatment Takes Place at Our Gorgeous Facility in Greeley

Our treatment facility is strategically located in Greeley, a small town that is considered to be the best-kept secret in Colorado. Greeley offers a nurturing, quiet and relaxing community, making it an ideal place for your teen to recover from trauma. The area also boasts endless natural splendors, including pristine lakes and mountains, for adventure and recreational activities your teen will participate in during treatment.

Our facility is a beautiful, secure campus that includes a central grass quad for socialization, basketball courts, a remodeled industrial kitchen, on-site medical office, a fully-equipped school facility, game room, and much more.

We Provide Your Teen with Highly Personalized and Professional Care

As a premier treatment center for adolescents, we’re able to provide your child with customized treatment and personalized attention. Unlike some therapeutic centers that provide the same treatment to everyone, we spend the time putting together a full picture of your teen’s condition, so we can tailor treatment to their specific needs.

Our Staff Includes Some of the Most Experienced Professionals in the Behavioral Health Field

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced clinicians and therapists in their specific fields of study. Each member of our staff has extensive knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively work with your teen and set them up for long-term recovery success.

We Provide a Variety of Evidence-Based and Holistic Therapies

Many treatment centers address symptoms, but very few are able to successfully treat the deeper issues fueling your teen’s behavior. At Red Mountain Colorado, your child will participate in a diverse array of therapies, including individual therapy, group therapy, meditation, yoga and adventure therapy. This holistic, mindfulness-based approach can address and heal all aspects of your child’s unhealthy behaviors.

Outcomes of Our Trauma and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Our top priority is to provide effective treatment that paves the way for your teen and family to fully recover from the damage that painful experiences and unhealthy choices have caused.  Successful completion of treatment at Red Mountain Colorado leads to the following outcomes:

  • Your teen will have an increased awareness into their personal thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Your teen will be equipped with healthy coping skills to manage symptoms associated with trauma, anxiety and depression
  • Your teen’s decision making will no longer be controlled by impulsivity
  • Your teen will have a greater level of confidence, empathy and maturity
  • You and your teen will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to improve communication and rebuild your family system

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