Residential Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers

Why Choose a Residential Treatment Center for Teens?

Many professionals recommend residential treatment centers for teens who need a higher level of care than outpatient therapy, have had trouble making lasting changes at home following short term treatment, or who need time away from their home and school environment in order to authentically focus on therapy. Residential treatment centers immerse teens in a supportive environment, where they have the opportunity to address underlying mental health struggles that have led to unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

The best residential treatment centers take a “whole person” approach to care, meaning that all of an individual’s needs are considered. At teen residential treatment centers, this includes appropriate academic and social programming. By including an educational curriculum and leisure activities, teenagers are still able to be teenagers while in treatment – by going to school and having fun. Teen residential treatment centers also foster a positive peer group. This allows students to be with their peers and develop healthy friendships. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our mindfulness-based program may be a good fit for your teen, this guide is meant to be comprehensive, but as such, not every section will be applicable to everyone. Instead, we invite you to click on the links in the table of contents to jump to the sections that most interest you.

What are Residential Treatment Centers?

Residential treatment centers, also called RTCs, are therapeutic programs where clients live on-site and receive a variety of therapeutic services. For troubled teens, there are residential treatment centers specifically designed to help adolescents that are struggling. These age-specific residential treatment centers use a multi-dimensional approach is aimed at reducing problematic behaviors, healing past trauma, and reconnecting the family system in a healthy and positive way.

The goal of a residential treatment center is to provide the skills a teen needs to be successful and also time for these skills to become second nature. With the help of a residential treatment center, your child will be able to address the issues that they have been struggling with at home. This will allow them to return home with the support they need to thrive. Because going home is the goal for most teens, family involvement is built into the therapeutic programming. When the time is right, parents will visit their child on campus. After several visits, a home visit will typically follow. The goal is to reconnect the family system in a healthy and supportive way. 

High-quality residential treatment centers for teens offer a range of services designed to help adolescents that are struggling with a variety of issues. These teen RTCs can help young people shift away from negative behaviors and regain their sense of self, finding happiness and joy again. 

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Who Do Residential Treatment Centers Help?

Residential treatment centers serve individuals that are struggling with a variety of issues. For people that are considering residential treatment centers, it is likely that traditional outpatient therapy hasn’t been as effective as they had hoped. They have probably tried therapy and simply hadn’t had enough relief from their symptoms. This is where residential treatment centers can be the best option: they provide clients with multiple therapeutic modalities, all aimed at working together for maximum impact. 

For teens that are struggling, age-specific RTCs are available that can help during a time of crisis. These residential treatment centers serve teens with a variety of clinical issues. Some of the issues that RTCs can help with are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use and abuse
  • ADHD
  • Trauma
  • School refusal
  • Family conflict
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Adoption issues

These are just a few of the things that residential programs can help with. Typically, there isn’t just one thing that a teen is struggling with- it’s multiple things, which is why a residential treatment center and its interdisciplinary approach is well equipped to work with these students. 

The most effective residential treatment centers have staff that are trained in a variety of different modalities, as there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, even for a group of teenagers who all seem to have similar struggles on the surface. 

While residential treatment centers, like Red Mountain Colorado, work with students who have a wide range of mental health issues, we specialize in working with teens with Dual Diagnosis. This means that the teens we work with have a lot in common and that our staff have years of experience using evidence-based interventions that are effective with teens who struggle with co-occurring disorders. 

When Would Your Child Benefit from a Residential Treatment Center? 

Deciding to have your child attend a residential treatment center can be a difficult choice. If you have tried other options and haven’t had success, an RTC might be an ideal choice. There are some important things to look at. Here are several signs that residential treatment might be the right option:

  • Your child has tried outpatient therapy with limited success
  • Symptoms and/or problematic behavior cannot be managed in the home environment
  • The behavior has started to impact things outside of the home (i.e., school attendance, extracurricular participation, etc.)
  • Safety has come into question (i.e., your child is putting themself into dangerous situations)
  • Multiple providers are needed to manage your child’s needs (i.e., therapist, psychiatrist, teachers, etc.)

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Considerations for Finding The Right Residential Treatment Center

These are just a few of the things that might signal the need to look into an RTC for your teen. Once you have decided to consider an RTC, it’s just as important to find the right fit for your child. Because teenagers have such a specific and unique set of needs (when compared to adult clients pursuing an RTC level of care), it’s important to look at how residential treatment centers address these needs. Is there appropriate social programming? Is the academic curriculum right for your child? And how does the program work with the family to grow alongside their child in treatment? 

Timing is another thing that comes up a lot for parents. Often times, parents second guess whether or not they should pursue treatment during the school year or wait to get their child help when school gets out. What school is definitely important from a developmental perspective, your child’s emotional health, mental health, and personal safety are the most important things right now. And at the right teen residential treatment center, they will be able to receive academic programming that will help them earn credits during this time. 

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How can Red Mountain Colorado help your teen?

Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center specifically designed to address the unique needs of teenagers. If your teen is engaging in maladaptive coping behaviors, Red Mountain Colorado can help. With an evidence-based and holistic approach to treatment, Red Mountain Colorado offers a safe and nurturing space for your teen to heal and grow.  

  • Increased Self-Awareness. At this leading residential treatment center, your child will be able to understand their reasons for turning to risky behaviors in the past. Gaining awareness of the underlying reasons will be an important part of your child’s healing journey through individual and group therapy and mindfulness practices. 
  • Adventure Therapy. Red Mountain Colorado also wants teens to understand how fun and fulfilling life can be without negative coping behaviors in the picture. That’s why the program curriculum includes adventure therapy, where students get to try new and exciting activities every week!
  • Accredited Academics. Teens at Red Mountain Colorado’s residential treatment center can get excited about learning again with an individualized and engaging academic program. Red Mountain Colorado also has a partnership with Atlas Independent, which allows students to draw from a large and diverse selection of courses. This helps each student earn the exact credits they need in order to move forward in their academic career. 
  • Relationship-based Treatment. At the core of Red Mountain Colorado’s treatment philosophy is healing through healthy relationships. Of course, this includes the relationships between your child and your family. Red Mountain Colorado offers unparalleled family programming that will help your family system heal in tandem with your child. 

Outcomes of Residential Treatment

For troubled teens that are struggling with mental health issues, residential treatment centers are very effective and beneficial. The outcomes can be looked at in short-term and long-term ways. While your teen is in treatment, they will be safe, away from negative influences, and given the opportunity to continue his education. The true benefits are more far-reaching than this. At a family-oriented residential treatment center like Red Mountain Colorado, you will gain valuable communication and conflict resolution skills – as will your child. By rebuilding the trust and connection between the two of you now, you will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with your teen. They will have the skills and tools they need to find success on their own, with their successful experience at Red Mountain Colorado as the foundation for the rest of their life. 

The most important thing to ensure long-term success is finding the right fit for your child. Finding a residential treatment center that specializes in the specific issues that they are struggling with and believes in empowering your child to succeed (rather than promising to “fix them”) will help them become more successful in the future. 

Your child deserves every opportunity to fully heal and grow during this pivotal moment in their life. Finding the right residential treatment center isn’t only about breaking the cycle of negative coping mechanisms – it’s also about helping them understand their story, gain confidence, and become the best version of themself. With the support of a well respected residential treatment center, they can overcome their struggles and lead a joyful and productive life.