International Service Trips

    International Service Trips in Guatemala

    Two of Red Mountain Colorado’s core values, Compassion and Growth, are manifested in our international service trips, which take place quarterly.

    Red Mountain Colorado partners with Cultiva International for service trips to Guatemala, providing an amazing opportunity for our students to gain international experience, broaden their horizons, and learn the joy of service.

    Guatemala’s population suffers from the fourth-highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. To combat this health crisis, Cultiva creates sustainable nutrition and health by teaching rural Guatemalan villagers how to cultivate their own vegetable garden.

    Villagers first practice at Cultiva’s training centers, learning how to garden in a classroom-like facility. When they’re ready, they partner with Cultiva’s volunteers to build garden boxes at their own home. Over time, these garden boxes overflow, providing sustainable nutrition not only for the owner of the box, but their neighbors as well.

    During week-long service trips, Red Mountain Colorado staff and students immerse themselves in the Guatemalan culture, balancing culture, fun and service. On return trips, students get to see the fruit of their labors, as the garden boxes they built on the last trip have flourished during the time between trips.

    Please visit to learn more about this life-changing program.

    International Service

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