Teen Experiential Therapy

Experiential Treatment for Teens to Heal All Aspects of Your Life

Your child is going through something very few are able to fully understand. In fact, your teen may be struggling to process and communicate what they’re feeling and why they’re doing the things that they’re doing. To help your teen understand and process their feelings and actions, we utilize a number of unique experiential therapy methods that foster growth and development.

At Red Mountain Colorado, we help your teen work through their inner thoughts, feelings, attitudes and patterns of behavior by utilizing holistic therapy methods outside of traditional talk therapy. Some examples of these holistic methods include family therapy, equine therapy, recreation therapy, and more.

Our Approach to Experiential Treatment for Teens

At Red Mountain Colorado, our unique treatment setting allows us to tailor the details of your teen’s experiential therapy program to their specific needs. Our clinically robust experiential treatment approach involves:

  • Identifying key thoughts and emotions to get to the bottom of your child’s destructive behaviors
  • Developing new coping skills, patterns and responses that promote maturity and growth

Your child will actively engage in 42 hours of experiential therapist-led interventions per week. Throughout your teen’s stay with us, we monitor their behavior both individually and in group dynamics. This close supervision helps our staff keep track of patterns that arise and allows us to tailor our approach to the needs of your child.

Weekly Experiential Therapy Programs Your Teen Will Engage In

Process Group Therapy

During process group therapy sessions, your teen will take part in many social activities and exercises that help disrupt negative thought and behavior patterns and decrease reactivity. These exercises also help improve your teen’s ability to form meaningful relationships and grow their understanding in how their actions affect others around them.

Equine Therapy

It may be difficult for your teen to talk about what they’re going through. During equine-assisted therapy, your child will be able to uncover and process difficult thoughts, feelings and beliefs based on how the horse is responding to and interacting with them.

Art Therapy

Art is a creative form of expression that gives your teen a chance to work through what’s going on inside of them without having to verbally communicate it. Art therapy projects like sculptures and wood carvings can lower your child’s stress and anxiety and help improve their overall mood.

Family Therapy

During experiential family therapy, we’ll work with you to improve your relationship with your teen and keep your family moving in a healthy direction. You will meet with one of our family therapists, who will provide family coaching with you on an individual basis. Then, we will bring you and your teen together for collaborative sessions when your child is ready. This approach to family systems therapy allows our staff to understand what you are going through as well as your child. The goal of this therapy method is for all family members to heal from the pain that has been caused by destructive behaviors.

Individual Therapy

Understanding your teen’s mental health struggles is of utmost importance to our staff. Our therapists will meet with your teen regularly in individual therapy sessions to discuss their treatment progress, identify where they’re excelling and determine what parts of their treatment will require more time and attention.

Helping Your Teen and Family Heal

At Red Mountain Colorado, our mission is to help bring back the happy and healthy teen you remember through our experiential therapy approach. If you’re ready to learn more and get the treatment your adolescent needs, contact us today or call us at (877) 302-5022.

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