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    Dr. Oliver Cooperman, MD, MD (H), Psychiatrist

    How Can Meditation Be Used As A Clinical Therapeutic Approach?

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    Mindfulness-based therapy has exploded in popularity in recent years, as psychologists have recognized that meditation and mindfulness can be used as not only healthy coping skills, but also as a clinical therapeutic approach. Meditation in Treatment As meditation has become more recognized, many programs have added this practice to their treatment plans. It is often…

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    Is Medication Always Necessary In Treating Teens With Mental Health Issues?

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    If your child is struggling with their mental health or behaviors, you may find yourself searching for any and all treatments that can help them. There are many roads to recovery, and while medication may not be the only answer, it can be a helpful tool in treatment. Teens who are struggling with addiction or…

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    developing brain

    Adolescence, The Developing Brain, and the Myth of a Cure All

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    Teenagers can be difficult for their parents to understand. Sometimes it’s a lack of communication, but for other families, their teens may be struggling to work through behavioral and emotional challenges. These challenges may present themselves in different ways, but no matter the issue, it is important for parents to remember that there is no…

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