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    emotion coaching parents

    Emotion Coaching for Parents: How to Be a Better Communicator

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    Parenting can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs on the planet.  As parents, we do our best to protect our kids, even if that means hiding our own problems and worries from our kids.  While in some cases it may be good to hide these things from your kids, in some circumstances…

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    family conflict

    How to Stop the Fighting: Overcoming Family Conflict

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    Conflict is a normal and expected part of life and it can often escalate during the teenage years. Because of a change in hormones combined with a search for identity and the increased responsibility that comes with adolescence, teens are more likely to have disagreements and arguments with their parents than younger children. While some…

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    fun activities for kids

    How to Get Creative with Fun Activities During Quarantine

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    Social distancing and quarantining have changed the way many of our families live their day to day lives. Many parents are working from home and children are doing online learning. Many of the activities we enjoyed doing as a family are now suspended or physical spaces are closed. This is especially tricky as the weather…

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    winter activities for kids

    What Winter Activities Can I Do with My Kid?

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    Finding fun and varied activities to do with your child can always be difficult during the winter months, even more so during a global pandemic when much of what we would typically do is closed down for health and safety reasons. Finding creative ways to connect with your child, now more than ever is crucial…

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