Nancy Gorges

    Nancy Gorges

    Academic Coordinator

    Nancy Gorges has been an educator for over 25 years. She has extensive experience with high school through college-level teaching.

    Nancy is passionate about teaching and learning, and loves seeing our students have “ah-ha” moments. Watching students set and reach goals, no matter how small, is very exciting for her. She believes that our students are meant to be everyday learners, and we need to discover how to find success together.

    Nancy works alongside our students, many of whom have learning challenges, to help them succeed. She believes in building confidence through small victories, and meeting a student where they are. Her constant encouragement and positive attitude help students who may have previously felt defeated by school to rise to their academic challenges and learn to overcome them.

    In addition to her work in the classroom, Nancy is a vital part of our treatment team, and works closely with our clinicians to maximize her efficacy with each student, with a high level awareness of each student’s clinical issues. Her collaborative approach and ability to work with each student and family, in collaboration with the student’s therapist, make her a powerful voice for health and success with each student.

    When not helping the students at Red Mountain, Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and is particularly fond of traveling, reading, and riding rollercoasters.