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4 Myths About Teen Treatment Centers

If your teen is suffering from behavior issues, you might be hesitant to send them to a treatment center. Rumors or misinformation about teen treatment centers may have you convinced that your child is better off staying at home where you can supervise and care for them.

After all, your child’s safety and well-being are your highest priority and you don’t want to send them somewhere that isn’t safe. And it only takes one bad experience or a negative review to turn you off from a treatment center.

That’s why we’re here to give you the right information about teen treatment centers. Let’s debunk 4 of the most popular myths about teen treatment centers to help you get the peace of mind you need to find the right help for your child.

Myth 1: Teen Treatment Centers are Detention Centers

It’s not uncommon for teen treatment centers to be compared to prison. From people taking teens out of their beds at night to isolating patients in lockdown units, the myths about teen programs can fill you with anxiety. But treatment like the kind found at Red Mountain Colorado breaks through what reality TV would have you believe.

At Red Mountain Colorado, we work to connect with your teen to remind them that true joy comes from meaningful connections with others. Not harsh punishments or basic freedoms being taken away. In our experience, a nurturing environment is critical to bringing about positive change.

Myth 2: Abuse is Common and Widespread

If you’ve researched teen treatment centers online, you might have run into a few horror stories about abuse. Maybe you’ve heard of staff members physically and emotionally abusing teens in an attempt to break their mental health issues. There’s no question that abuse is a tragedy, but it’s far from being common in credible teen treatment.

This harmful myth about teen treatment centers pushes a dangerous belief that pain can be used to fix pain. Residential treatment centers like Red Mountain Colorado don’t follow this broken logic. We know that this pain can prevent your teen from healing, which is why we strive to take that pain, understand it and replace it with a higher sense of purpose.

Myth 3: Tough Love, Neglect and a Boot Camp Atmosphere

Far too often we hear the perception that teen treatment programs is like boot camp. Basic needs aren’t met, and teens need to “tough it out” without receiving any guidance. The problem with this teen treatment center myth is it assumes your teen’s maladaptive coping behaviors have no underlying mental health issues that could actually be made worse through neglect and “tough love”.

At teen recovery centers like Red Mountain Colorado, your teen’s underlying trauma and mental health conditions are treated together. Addressing these underlying conditions driving your teen’s behavioral issues is where true healing begins and that’s something no amount of yelling can resolve.

Myth 4: The Staff is Not Qualified

The final myth about teen treatment programs is focused on staff members. The misconception is staff members like counselors and therapists aren’t qualified, that they lack credentials, and that they often need additional training needed to treat your child.

The simple fact of the matter is that this isn’t true when it comes to Red Mountain Colorado. Credible teen treatment centers have a webpage about their team, and with a quick Google or LinkedIn search, you can find out the qualifications of the staff working with your child.

Red Mountain Colorado has a team of qualified trauma experts. For example, our Program Director Justin Swensen is currently pursuing his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Every Red Mountain Colorado staff member is committed to continuing their education in their respective fields.

Get Your Teen Mental Health Treatment at Red Mountain Colorado

Don’t let these myths scare you away from getting your teen the help they need. At Red Mountain Colorado, we seek to heal your teen’s trauma. Contact our team today to learn how your teen can find lasting change.