Our family was attracted to the philosophy of Red Mountain Colorado (RMC), with its emphasis on yoga and meditation. They also seemed strong in treatment areas we needed.

When our son arrived there, we found that the staff and administration were caring and concerned. They made our son feel welcome and comfortable there. The yoga and meditation were new to him, but he found these practices to be very helpful. He also had opportunities to do volunteer work, which he enjoyed and has sought to continue since graduation.

RMC is a comfortable environment. The students have nice bedrooms and pleasant common areas.

We spoke with him every week and had family coaching on a weekly basis as well. We felt that RMC kept us well-informed of his progress and activities, and that helped us to feel certain that he was in good hands. Because of COVID, it was difficult to get together with him, but we were able to visit him three months after his arrival and he visited home twice.

RMC is not an isolated program in a wilderness area. Part of the treatment is taking the boys into the community and working on behaviors that are appropriate to community settings. This gives the boys opportunities for growth as well as space to make mistakes. We appreciated that our son was able to make some mistakes while in the program and then get redirected, process the mistake, and learn to move forward. It’s a safe place to have setbacks.

Since graduating, he has continued an online school program that he started at RMC, and he has kept up some hobbies he began there, like playing guitar. His time management has improved immensely, and he has become very good at managing multiple endeavors like school, work, socializing, family life, and hobbies. He is on track to graduate from high school on time, and then he will go on to community college.

We would tell families considering Red Mountain to expect a place where their loved one is treated with dignity and respect. They can also expect to receive regular communications from the program and they will need to stay involved. The program will work if they commit to it.