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Finding A Residential Treatment Center For Depressed Teens

A teen could be sad about a break-up, or they could be more irritable than usual when you interrupt their phone calls with friends. Perhaps they indicate a lack of concentration when they prefer to scroll through their phone rather than study for an upcoming exam. These scenarios are normal experiences of teenagehood; however, a problem arises when the symptoms of depression start to interrupt daily life. Teenage depression is more than just a “phase” as, in some cases, it may require treatment. And so the question arises, what should you look for in a residential treatment center that treats depressed teens?

Here is a list of basic criteria to have for a residential treatment center that works with depressed teens:

  • Mindfulness-Based treatment develops a deeper understanding of the mind. The brain is the most complex object in the universe, so it is no wonder that human behavior is so puzzling; sometimes, people do things that they themselves do not even understand. As one article puts it, “When we are mindless, we are like programmed automatons, treating information in a single-minded and rigid way, as though it were true regardless of the circumstances. When we are mindful, we are open to surprise, oriented in the present moment, sensitive to context, and above all, liberated from the tyranny of old mindsets.” A therapy center that encourages mindfulness can help someone figure out who they are and what they want. 
  • A Holistic Approach examines the whole person and considers who they are physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Various forms of therapy, such as yoga and meditation, are often used to accomplish this. But perhaps a teen is looking for something more personal, such as equine therapy if they enjoy horses.Clinical depression affects an individual beyond their thoughts as it is the result of a chemical imbalance within the brain. These chemicals can actually cause changes in action; for example, people suffering from depression tend to perform tasks more slowly. That being so, the healing process needs to take place within every part of someone. By using this approach, a treatment center acknowledges a person as more than their mental illness.
  • Habit Breaking and Building are equally important. Psychologically, depression  is a vicious cycle of negative thoughts leading to poor coping mechanisms.But if one can train their way of thinking to be more positive, they can overcome this obstacle. Hence, a treatment center that aims to instill healthy habits in an individual helps them for life ahead.
  • A Natural, Unforced, Recovery is the ideal method. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink; and this is true regarding the road to recovery. Because healing from whatever grief is a process that takes time; oftentimes, someone takes two steps forward and one back. And happiness cannot be forced, the cure to depression is not quite that simple. All treatment centers should consider these things; however, wilderness therapy in specific reflects this ideology as nature demonstrates growth, change, and peace.

A residential treatment center that treats depressed teens should maintain an environment in which they can flourish to their full potential. They are designed not to diminish who your teen is, but to help them discover who they always have been. A teen’s mind, abilities, and whole being are unique to them. But sometimes, they may need to be reminded of their self-worth. Treatment centers, such as Red Mountain Colorado, strive to meet all of these vital criteria. Call 1 (877) 302-5022 for more information.