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Getting the Body and Mind Right: How Exercise Benefits the Brain

Did you know exercise is really good for you? Probably. But maybe you’ve never considered the benefits of exercise on the brain. It’s truly about more than the body, it’s about the mind too. Engaging in regular physical activities is the best way to promote a healthy today, tomorrow, and forever. Here are 10 ways in which exercise benefits the brain and motivates the mind to function exceptionally well:

  1. Aerobic exercise also known as “cardio” increases blood flow to the brain.
  2. Exercise promotes the production of neurotrophins, which leads to increased brain plasticity. This helps improve memory function and learning.
  3. Exercises boosts mood.
  4. Physical activity helps regulate information processing.
  5. Getting fit now helps prevent illnesses.
  6. The growth of new blood vessels in the brain is increased with exercise.
  7. Survival of new brain cells is stimulated by exercise.
  8. Engaging in exercise helps protect and prevent against “brain fog” that comes with age.
  9. Exercise has the potential to delay dementia by 15 years.
  10. Brain volume increases with exercise which helps combat effects of genetic diseases such as dementia.

The Trick to Keeping the Brain Fit

Enjoyable exercises vary from person to person. Whether it’s walking, swimming, dancing, running, biking, or something else, it should be noted that ANY type of exercise is better than no exercise. However, there is a suggested workout regime that will help maximize brain benefits. A little bit of everything is the answer. A multi-component workout routine is the best for your brain and your body. When balance, flexibility, and aerobic fitness are a part of one’s regular workout regime, the brain will benefit significantly. An example of a great exercise that uses all of these elements is tai chi. Research shows tai chi lends offers many positive effects on cognitive function.

Red Mountain Colorado can help

Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center for young people ages 13-17. The program focuses on influencing a positive change in the lives of students. Healthy, sustainable activities are also incorporated so that students will be able to apply the things they learn to their everyday lives. Students leave Red Mountain Colorado feeling empowered and in control of their lives. We can help your family today!