“I Can’t Thank the People at Red Mountain Enough”

My son had completed a primary care program and I was looking for something different for aftercare. An important criterion was that it would be relatively small, a place where he could develop strong relationships with all of the staff members, and not just the therapists. I wanted a “home-type” feeling to the place I chose, and I thought it would be good for him to have a lot of outdoor activities.

I also wanted to find a setting where he could make mistakes and learn from them, a community where he could find support if he got into trouble. There needed to be an educational component as well, and I did not want all of that to be online. I thought, too, that we needed family therapy, and Red Mountain Colorado (RMC) offered that, as well.

Once my son got there, he adapted well, although the transition was difficult. He made a good connection with Josh, and he got a lot out of a field trip they took to Guatemala. He had an excellent therapist who really went to bat for him.  When he arrived there, he was holding a lot of stuff inside, but now he is better able to communicate his thoughts and feelings. The mindfulness training helped him to be more open, rather than holding onto things that are painful for him. He began to smile after being there for a while, which was huge. He almost never smiled before that. They were also able to get him to participate in daily activities, which was really new for him. He found that he liked cooking, which was fantastic.

My experience as a parent was excellent. I was never concerned about the care he was getting. I knew he was being supervised without being mothered. The weekly calls from his therapist were very helpful, as were my sessions with the family therapist. His teacher also provided him with what I wanted educationally. Josh set the tone for the experience because he was compassionate, but there was never any doubt who was in charge. My son has struggled for a long time, and this was the kind of environment he needed.

I can’t thank the people at Red Mountain enough. I would recommend RMC to any parents looking for a community where their child can safely make mistakes, recover, and grow. If you control a kid too much, they won’t learn anything about themselves. RMC is small, but in a good way, because it allows for developing strong, close relationships.

To any parent considering next steps for their child, I would say, “This might be your last shot at helping them develop skills for life. Choose a good place like RMC to make it count.”