“It’s a Very Compassionate Place”

An educational consultant worked with us to find aftercare for our son, and they only had one recommendation—Red Mountain Colorado (RMC). We liked RMC because it focuses on the whole person, offering the students meditation, yoga, mindfulness, martial arts, and exercise. At the same time, the clinical staff is top-notch, so every aspect is covered.

We liked the adventure piece of the program, which also contributes to the health of the body. Our son took up boxing and Tae Kwon Do, both of which he enjoyed quite a lot.
Another plus for RMC is that it’s a community, where the kids take turns cooking and doing other things together. This improves their social skills immeasurably.

As parents, we regretted being so far away, but we felt we had enough contact with Red Mountain and with our child. We enjoyed the letter-writing back and forth with him, and we had weekly calls with his therapist, which was very helpful in understanding his progress.
Over the course of his stay, he had two different therapists, and we appreciated the fact that they both knew teens very well. They were really knowledgeable.

There is a real benefit to slowing down in these hectic times and RMC provides that opportunity. When we asked our son what had been most valuable to him, he said, “My brain needed time to rest.”

He is in an early college program now, while finishing high school. He is a happier person and he continues to use what he learned at Red Mountain. He recently hit a bump in the road and he told us, “I just meditated my way through it.”

For families considering Red Mountain, they should know that it is a very compassionate place to learn the skills that are needed to succeed in society and with other people. The staff is great and you can trust them to take care of your kid; you could not find a better place to treat the whole child!