When our son was at the wilderness program, a parent coach gave us some options for aftercare, including Red Mountain Colorado (RMC). We also had testing done, and the results suggested he might do well in a smaller setting so he couldn’t “fly under the radar.”

That was what led us to RMC. Once he got there, a number of facets of the program were extremely helpful. Most important is that he really hit it off with his therapist. He also loved the freedom he was able to have, and said he didn’t feel “mothered.” He found the group sessions to be valuable, too, because he got called out on his stuff and how his behavior affected other people. He was introverted when he went to Red Mountain, but he isn’t, now. He is much more accountable for his actions.

The parent experience was fantastic. Red Mountain looks beyond the individual student and focuses on family systems, so all of us were involved. At RMC, you don’t get to send a family member there to “get fixed.” The parent workshop was especially helpful; we felt supported and didn’t feel that we were alone. Our son is in school now and he has started his own business. He is trustworthy and on a sound footing. Something beautiful was uncovered at RMC and he is blossoming.

We are forever grateful to Red Mountain.