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The founders of Red Mountain are Maureen White, MA, and Josh White, MA, LPC, LCMHC, CGP, WPA.  Josh and Maureen met at Naropa University in 1999, while both were pursuing Master’s Degrees in Psychology. Five years later, they were married, and a year after that, their wonderful son was born.

Maureen and Josh worked together in private practice for several years, followed by five years side-by-side in high-profile roles at an adolescent treatment center. The inspiration for Red Mountain was born from their vision of a mindfulness-based program that would help young people understand their own minds, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. Maureen and Josh felt mindfulness was an untapped vehicle for helping young people make healthy choices and “launch” into successful lives.

Uniquely Gifted to Reach Young People Who Are Stuck

Josh and Maureen are experts at reaching young people who are “stuck” and helping them to find their path. They are highly involved in the lives of their teenage son and four young adult nieces and nephews and have over 40 years of experience between them in the ever-evolving world of adolescent treatment. They also bring nearly 25 years of personal recovery and over 50 years of meditation practice between them to their work at Red Mountain Colorado.

As parents themselves, Josh and Maureen understand the process parents go through to find the very best options for their children. They understand the delicate balance involved in guiding kids vs. “forcing” them, and the difficulties families experience in determining how much to push and how much to let go.