Help For Troubled Teens From Arkansas

Finding Residential Therapeutic Programs That Help Arkansas Troubled Teens

If your child from Arkansas is struggling with trauma, depression, or anxiety, it can be difficult to know how to best help. As a parent, it can be easy to want the symptoms or bad behaviors to go away – but what really needs to be addressed are the underlying issues. Troubling behaviors or patterns often come from underlying thought patterns, core beliefs, or past traumatic events. By getting to the root of the beliefs and behaviors, deep healing and lasting change can take place.

In certain cases, progress can be made in outpatient therapy. In most cases, troubled Arkansas teens need a comprehensive approach to make significant progress – especially if these behaviors have impacted more than one area of their life.

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Falling grades, family discord, and difficulty with emotional regulation are all signals that a more comprehensive approach would be helpful. At a program for troubled teens, a more comprehensive approach can be used to address all the issues a teen is struggling with.

One of the best inpatient treatment programs for troubled teenagers is Red Mountain Colorado. Red Mountain Colorado is specifically designed to help troubled Arkansas teens ages 14-17 that are struggling with trauma. By just working with teenagers, Red Mountain Colorado has customized its entire program to address the unique and evolving needs of this adolescent population.

Does your child from Arkansas need more help than you can provide at home? To learn how we can help your troubled teen, please call Red Mountain Colorado today at (877) 302-5022.

Healthy Relationships Help Heal Troubled Arkansas Teens

If your Arkansas teen is engaging in risky behaviors, it can be challenging to know how to best support them in their healing process. Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center for adolescent boys and believe that the way to true healing is guided by healthy and authentic relationships. The teens that we work with, boys ages 14-17, have become disconnected from who they really are and have been craving connection and meaning. Unfortunately, the meaning and connection they have most easily found have been in negative coping behaviors.

Although Red Mountain Colorado is just north of Denver, we serve teens from Arkansas and all over the country. Our peaceful campus provides a healing and centering space for boys ages 14-17 to heal and grow. At Red Mountain Colorado, our students have the opportunity to learn, practice, and develop relationships that are healthy and authentic. It is in the context of these relationships that your son will be able to see how his unhealthy relationships with negative behaviors hurt his relationship with himself and those around him.

Healing Families at Red Mountain Colorado

Our relationship-based approach also extends to healing family relationships too. Your son from Arkansas needs to address how his behavior impacted those around him, particularly those in his immediate family. With weekly family therapy sessions and on-campus family programs, you will reconnect with your child in a loving and healing way. Red Mountain Colorado’s family programming is individualized so that we can tailor our therapeutic approaches to your family’s needs.

Red Mountain Colorado can help your son transform his life by building healthy, lasting relationships. Once he moves beyond his troubles with negative behaviors, he will be able to find happiness and joy again.

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