Help For Troubled Teens From DC

Finding Residential Therapeutic Programs That Help DC Troubled Teens

If your son from DC is experiencing depression, trauma, or anxiety, it can be confusing to know how to move forward. And as a parent, it can be tempting to want these externalizing behaviors to just disappear – but what’s causing these behaviors needs to be addressed too. Troubling behavioral patterns are usually traced back to past trauma, depression/anxiety, or negative core beliefs. By getting to the root of the beliefs and behaviors, deep healing and lasting change can take place.

Sometimes this can be accomplished via outpatient therapy. But for most troubled DC teens in need of help, a truly comprehensive approach is needed – particularly if their actions have begun to affect multiple parts of their life.

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Falling behind in school, family conflict, and difficulty managing emotions are all signs that a more holistic approach could be beneficial. A program for troubled teens can address these types of issues in a safe and welcoming setting.

One of the best inpatient treatment programs for troubled teenagers is Red Mountain Colorado. At Red Mountain Colorado, the program is specifically designed to support troubled teens, ages 14-17, from DC that are struggling with trauma. By just working with teenagers, Red Mountain Colorado has customized its entire program to address the unique and evolving needs of this adolescent population.

Does your DC teen need more support than you can offer at home? Please call Red Mountain Colorado at (877) 302-5022 so we can learn about your troubled teen and share how we can help.

Healthy Relationships Help Heal Troubled DC Teens

For DC boys that are struggling with behavioral or emotional issues, it can be difficult to know where to start the healing process. At Red Mountain Colorado, a residential treatment center for teenage boys, we believe that healthy relationships are at the core of the healing process. The boys that we work with, teens ages 14-17, have often found themselves disconnected from their true selves and searching for meaning and connection. And unfortunately, the connection and meaning they turn to maladaptive coping behaviors.

Though Red Mountain Colorado is just outside of Denver and outside of DC, we help teens from around the United States, including DC. Our peaceful campus provides a healing and centering space for boys ages 14-17 to heal and grow. At Red Mountain Colorado, our students have the opportunity to learn, practice, and develop relationships that are healthy and authentic. We use the context of these relationships to help your son understand how his negative behaviors affected the relationships with everyone around him – including himself.

Healing Families at Red Mountain Colorado

We use a relationship-based approach in our family work as well. Your son from DC needs to address how his behavior impacted those around him, particularly those in his immediate family. Through weekly family therapy and on-campus family seminars, you will be able to reconnect with your son in an authentic and loving way. Red Mountain Colorado has individualized family programming to ensure that your teen’s and your family’s needs are met.

Red Mountain Colorado is the program that can help your son turn his life around and began to thrive. He will be able to move past his troubles with negative coping to find freedom and happiness again.

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