Help For Troubled Teens From Florida

Finding Residential Therapeutic Programs That Help Florida Troubled Teens

If your son from Florida is experiencing depression, trauma, or anxiety, it can be confusing to know how to move forward. As a parent, it can be easy to want the symptoms or bad behaviors to go away – but what really needs to be addressed are the underlying issues. Troubling behaviors or patterns often come from underlying thought patterns, core beliefs, or past traumatic events. By getting to the root of the beliefs and behaviors, deep healing and lasting change can take place.

Sometimes this can be accomplished via outpatient therapy. For many troubled Florida teens, a more comprehensive approach is necessary – especially if the teen’s troubles have begun to impact multiple areas of their life.

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Falling grades, family discord, and difficulty with emotional regulation are all signals that a more comprehensive approach would be helpful. With the help of a program for troubled teens, all of these issues – and more – can be effectively address.

One of the top residential treatment centers for boys is Red Mountain Colorado. Specifically designed to help troubled Florida teens that are struggling with trauma, Red Mountain Colorado works with boys ages 13-17. By intentionally working with only adolescents, Red Mountain Colorado has tailored all of its programming and approaches to address the unique needs of this population.

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Do you need help finding the right place for your son from Florida? Please call Red Mountain Colorado at (877) 302-5022 so we can learn about your troubled teen and share how we can help.

Healthy Relationships Help Heal Troubled Florida Teens

For Florida teens that are troubled, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center for adolescent boys and believe that the way to true healing is guided by healthy and authentic relationships. The teens that we work with, boys ages 13-17, have become disconnected from who they really are and have been craving connection and meaning. And unfortunately, the connection and meaning they turn to maladaptive coping behaviors.

Even though Red Mountain Colorado is located just outside of Denver, CO, we work with teens from around the country, including Florida. Our beautiful campus is a healing and grounding place for boys ages 13-17 to learn and grow. Here, students are able to understand, practice, and develop healthy and authentic relationships. Within the context of these relationships, your son will be better able to understand how his behaviors hurt both the relationship he has with himself as well as the relationships with those around him.

Healing Families at Red Mountain Colorado

Red Mountain Colorado’s relationship-based approach extends to family relationships as well. It’s important that your Florida teen understand and address the impact of his behavior, particularly with his family. With weekly family therapy sessions and on-campus family programs, you will reconnect with your child in a loving and healing way. Red Mountain Colorado’s family programming is individualized so that we can tailor our therapeutic approaches to your family’s needs.

Red Mountain Colorado is where your son can rebuild his life and work toward a healthy and strong future. Once he moves beyond his troubles with negative behaviors, he will be able to find happiness and joy again.

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