Help For Troubled Teens From Georgia

Finding Residential Therapeutic Programs That Help Georgia Troubled Teens

When you find out that your teen from Georgia is engaging in risky behaviors, it can be difficult to know what to do next. And as a parent, it can be tempting to want these externalizing behaviors to just disappear – but what’s causing these behaviors needs to be addressed too. Troubling behavioral patterns are usually traced back to past trauma, depression/anxiety, or negative core beliefs. By addressing the core of these behaviors and beliefs, teens have the chance for deep healing to occur.

If caught early on, this can happen through outpatient therapy. But for most troubled Georgia teens in need of help, a truly comprehensive approach is needed – particularly if their actions have begun to affect multiple parts of their life.

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Falling behind in school, family conflict, and difficulty managing emotions are all signs that a more holistic approach could be beneficial. At a program for troubled teens, a more comprehensive approach can be used to address all the issues a teen is struggling with.

One of the leading therapeutic programs for struggling teens is Red Mountain Colorado. Specifically designed to help troubled Georgia teens that are struggling with trauma, Red Mountain Colorado works with boys ages 14-17. By working only with teenagers, Red Mountain Colorado has been able to tailor all of the interventions, programming, and approaches to align with the needs of this population.

Does your child from Georgia need more help than you can provide at home? To learn how we can help your troubled teen, please call Red Mountain Colorado today at (877) 302-5022.

Healthy Relationships Help Heal Troubled Georgia Teens

For Georgia teens that are troubled, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. At Red Mountain Colorado, a therapeutic treatment program for boys, we know that having healthy relationships is a key part of the healing process for our students. The teens that we work with, boys ages 14-17, have become disconnected from who they really are and have been craving connection and meaning. Sadly, the connection and meaning they found is through risky behaviors.

Though Red Mountain Colorado is just outside of Denver and outside of Georgia, we help teens from around the United States, including Georgia. Our picturesque campus offers a grounding and healing space for teens ages 14-17 to grow and heal. While they are with us, students practice and develop authentic and healthy relationships. It is in the context of these relationships that your son will be able to see how his unhealthy relationships with negative behaviors hurt his relationship with himself and those around him.

Healing Families at Red Mountain Colorado

We use a relationship-based approach in our family work as well. It is imperative that your teen from Georgia truly understands how his behavior impacted his loved ones. Through weekly family therapy and on-campus family seminars, you will be able to reconnect with your son in an authentic and loving way. At Red Mountain Colorado, we individualize our family programming so that your son and your family will have all their needs met.

Red Mountain Colorado is where your son can rebuild his life and work toward a healthy and strong future. Once he moves beyond his troubles with negative behaviors, he will be able to find happiness and joy again.

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