Residential Treatment Centers Helping Alabama Boys

Residential Treatment Centers for Alabama Boys Create Lasting Change

If your son is struggling with behavioral issues, it can be a stressful and difficult time. All their life, you’ve always wanted whatever is in their best interest and have worked hard to give them every opportunity possible. However, if your son from Alabama has turned to maladaptive behaviors to deal with their problems, you might find yourself unsure of how to proceed. In order to offer your son the best therapeutic care, finding the best program – which may be outside of Alabama – is the most important priority. By looking at teen-specific residential treatment centers that help Alabama families, you can ensure that your son has access to the interventions and programming that he needs to thrive, now and in the future.

Red Mountain Colorado is located in Greeley, Colorado. We help teens from all over the country, including Alabama.

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One of the top residential treatment centers for adolescents from Alabama is Red Mountain Colorado. This Colorado residential treatment center – or RTC – is specifically a teen, trauma-focused program that serves adolescent boys ages 14-17.

While utilizing evidence-based therapies to heal, students are also discovering mindfulness practices to take with them on their journey. Because just as we need to help them heal their past, we need to help them prepare for their futures. Once your son has these skills, he will be better prepared to move confidently into the future, ready for situations that might have caused him to act out in the past.

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Red Mountain Colorado can help your child build a brighter future. Contact our admissions team to learn more about providing your child with the solutions they need

Red Mountain Colorado’s residential treatment center helps to answer the question of “what can I do?” that parents often grapple with. Although our program is located out-of-state and in Colorado, with our intentional family work you will feel more connected to your son than when he was living at home. And the knowledge of him being somewhere safe and sound is completely priceless.

If your child from Alabama needs more help than you can give at home, Red Mountain Colorado is ready to help. Learn more about our leading residential treatment center by calling (877) 302-5022 today.

Find Clinically Sophisticated Teen Treatment at our Residential Treatment Center

To make treatment a successful experience, it’s important that the therapeutic programs you are considering meet all of your Alabama teen’s needs. Red Mountain Colorado’s teen residential treatment center focuses on the unique needs of our adolescent population. Our treatment includes:

Trauma-Informed Clinical Care: We know from research that there is a strong link between trauma and risky behaviors. Although parents might not know about a traumatic experience in their child’s past, this approach is an effective and safe model for all types of diagnostic presentations. Red Mountain Colorado is a trauma-informed program and as such, all the different clinical components of our program – individual, family, and group therapy – help teens move past their trauma in a healthy way.

Engaging Academic Programming: For any teen – in treatment or not – school is an important part of their development. These developmental benefits are just as important as making sure your son is keeping up with his peers academically while he is in treatment. To create a classroom that has a traditional learning environment, Red Mountain Colorado has engaging academics that take place five days a week. Our residential treatment center’s academic program is accredited and the curriculum includes a wide variety of courses, ensuring your son is ready for what comes next – whether that’s finishing high school close to home or going to college.

Whole-Person Healing: At Red Mountain Colorado, our years of experience working with adolescents in treatment has shown us the profound effects of movement, play, and the great outdoors. That’s why we have intentionally incorporated yoga, mindfulness, adventure therapy, and experiential therapy into the students’ daily and weekly routines. Whether through breathing techniques or rock climbing or equine therapy, our goal is for students to experience getting into their bodies (and out of their heads).

With all this and more, Red Mountain Colorado’s teen residential treatment center stands out from the rest. We can help your Alabama teen find his happiness again and start him on a healthy path toward a bright future.

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