Residential Treatment Centers Helping Connecticut Boys

Residential Treatment Centers for Connecticut Boys Create Lasting Change

If you have a teen that is acting out, it can be a stressful and scary situation. You’ve always wanted to do whatever is best for them, and to give them access to everything they’ve needed along the way. But if your Connecticut teen has started acting out as a maladaptive coping method, you might not know what to do next. If you want to give your teen access to the best treatment, finding the best fit – which is likely out of Connecticut – is the most important consideration. By pursuing a Connecticut teen-specific residential treatment center that focuses on creating lasting change, you can offer them a healthy path toward a bright future.

Red Mountain Colorado is located in Greeley, Colorado. We help teens from all over the country, including Connecticut.

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One of the top residential treatment centers for adolescents from Connecticut is Red Mountain Colorado. Located in Colorado, this trauma focused residential treatment center works with boys ages 14-17 that are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues.

While receiving evidence-based therapy, students are also learning mindfulness techniques that they will be able to take with them after they leave. Because just as we need to help them heal their past, we need to help them prepare for their futures. Armed with these skills, each student will be better able to cope and process situations that would have been triggering to them before treatment.

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Red Mountain Colorado can help your child build a brighter future. Contact our admissions team to learn more about providing your child with the solutions they need

At Red Mountain Colorado, our residential treatment center seeks to help answer the question of “what can we do?” that so many parents struggle with. While we are located out of state in Colorado, you will feel more connected to your son than ever before with our family programming. Knowing that your child is safe and getting healthy is a priceless feeling.

If your Connecticut teenager needs support, Red Mountain Colorado is here to help. Learn more about our leading residential treatment center by calling (877) 302-5022 today.

Find Clinically Sophisticated Teen Treatment at our Residential Treatment Center

In order for treatment to be truly effective, it’s important to find therapeutic options that are specifically tailored to meet your Connecticut child’s needs. With Red Mountain Colorado, our teen-focused residential treatment center is tailored to meet the complex needs of teenagers. This includes:

Trauma-Informed Clinical Care: We know from research that there is a strong link between trauma and risky behaviors. Sometimes parents aren’t aware of the trauma their child has experienced, and this approach is still appropriate for those unsure of their child’s trauma history. Red Mountain Colorado is a trauma-informed program and as such, all the different clinical components of our program – individual, family, and group therapy – help teens move past their trauma in a healthy way.

Engaging Academic Programming: For any teen – in treatment or not – school is an important part of their development. While the developmental benefits are important, this also makes sure that your son doesn’t get behind in his studies while in treatment. To create a classroom that has a traditional learning environment, Red Mountain Colorado has engaging academics that take place five days a week. Our residential treatment center’s academic program is accredited and the curriculum includes a wide variety of courses, ensuring your son is ready for what comes next – whether that’s finishing high school close to home or going to college.

Whole-Person Healing: The team at Red Mountain Colorado has decades of experience that has shown us how important play, movement, and nature are in helping adolescents heal. That’s why we have intentionally incorporated yoga, mindfulness, adventure therapy, and experiential therapy into the students’ daily and weekly routines. Whether through breathing techniques or rock climbing or equine therapy, our goal is for students to experience getting into their bodies (and out of their heads).

With all these elements and more, Red Mountain Colorado is a residential treatment center like none other. Our residential treatment program can help your teen from Connecticut find his joy again and help him move toward a healthy and bright future.

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