Residential Treatment Centers Helping Kentucky Teenagers

Kentucky Teens Find Healing at Holistic Residential Treatment Centers

Realizing that your child has been acting out and getting involved with the wrong crowd is a hard situation for any parent. Hopefully, it is comforting to know that there are resources for your Kentucky teen that will help navigate this difficult time. One of the most well-respected residential treatment centers for adolescents is Red Mountain Colorado. Located north of Denver, our leading residential treatment center works with teenage boys from across the United States, including Kentucky.


At Red Mountain Colorado, we work with teenage boys ages 14-17 that are struggling with depression, anxiety, defiance and other challenges.. And though it is imperative that we treat the behaviors, we also need to take the time the treat underlying concerns that led them to act out.

For some boys, this is about depression or anxiety while others have unresolved trauma to heal from. No matter what is going on, Red Mountain Colorado is ready to help.

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Adolescence is an important time period for development and growth. Our holistic approach is ideal for this population as it addresses all the needs of our students: social, emotional, academic, familial, spiritual, and physical. When we take into account all of these different parts, we are able to facilitate comprehensive healing and growth.

With our relational approach at our residential treatment center, we help students refocus on the relationships that matter most: those with their families. Our family programming offers a structured way to reconnect and heal the family system to create new and healthy family patterns.

Find out more about our leading residential treatment center and our whole-person model of care by calling Red Mountain Colorado at (877) 302-5022.

Effective Therapeutic Approaches at Our Teen Residential Treatment Center 

To make a therapeutic experience truly effective, we need to understand where each student is at and create a program that is engaging and constructive. For this reason, Red Mountain Colorado’s residential treatment center utilizes a variety of experiential therapeutic techniques. We know from our years of experience that experiential and hands-on approaches are some of the most effective in working with teens. Here are some of the experiential approaches that your son from Kentucky will be engaged in:

  • Process Group
  • Equine Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

Each week, your son from Kentucky will be actively involved in 42 hours of clinician-led therapies. By utilizing a variety of approaches, we increase the likelihood that your son will find an approach that he truly connects with. What’s more, these different modalities can be used to access different areas of growth along your son’s therapeutic journey. No matter what he struggles with, the skilled team at Red Mountain Colorado can help individualize a treatment plan appropriate for him.

Red Mountain Colorado’s campus is located north of Denver. Even though our residential treatment center is located outside of Kentucky, we work with clients from all over the country, including Kentucky.

Our residential treatment center for teens has a team of caring and dedicated professionals facilitating your son’s care. We started Red Mountain Colorado because we believe in your teen from Kentucky and his ability to heal. It is our mission to provide the highest quality care in order to help our students live joyful and productive lives.

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