Residential Treatment Centers Helping Montana Teenagers

Montana Teens Find Healing at Holistic Residential Treatment Centers

Learning that your teen has been using  engaging in negative, risky behaviors is a scary realization for parents. There is hope during this time though, as there are resources specifically designed to support your Montana son. One of the best residential treatment centers for teenage boys that have trauma-related issues is Red Mountain Colorado. Located north of Denver, our leading residential treatment center works with teenage boys from across the United States, including Montana.


Red Mountain Colorado serves adolescent boys ages 14-17 that are struggling with mental health issues and want to make a change. And while it is critical that we treat negative thoughts and behaviors, it is equally important that we help them heal the wounds that led them to negative coping behaviors in the first place.

For some boys, this is about depression or anxiety while others have unresolved trauma to heal from. Whatever the reason, Red Mountain Colorado is here to help.

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In terms of development, the teenage years are an important period of growth. Our approach is a holistic one that is optimal for our student population as it considers all the different needs they have: emotional, social, familial, academic, physical, and spiritual. By giving attention to all these needs and not simply the problematic behaviors, we foster whole-person growth and healing which creates long-lasting changes.

By giving attention to all these needs and not simply the problematic behaviors, we foster whole-person growth and healing which creates long-lasting changes. Our family programming offers a structured way to reconnect and heal the family system to create new and healthy family patterns.

Learn more about our whole-person approach to care at our top residential treatment center by calling Red Mountain Colorado today at (877) 302-5022.

Effective Therapeutic Approaches at Our Teen Residential Treatment Center 

To make a therapeutic experience truly effective, we need to understand where each student is at and create a program that is engaging and constructive. This is why our residential treatment center at Red Mountain Colorado uses a range of different therapeutic modalities. Our many years of experience have shown us that hands-on and experiential approaches are typically the most constructive approaches when working with teenagers. Here are some of the experiential approaches that your son from Montana will be engaged in:

  • Process Group
  • Equine Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

Your child from Montana will be actively engaged in 42 hours of experiential, clinician-led interventions. By using a variety of different approaches, we are more likely to find an approach that your son connects and engages with. What’s more, these different modalities can be used to access different areas of growth along your son’s therapeutic journey. Regardless of what he is struggling with, our dedicated team at Red Mountain Colorado can create an individualized treatment plan that addresses his unique strengths and needs.

Red Mountain Colorado is just north of Denver, CO. Although our residential treatment center is located away from Montana, we serve clients from all over, including Montana.

At our teen residential treatment center, you will find a group of dedicated and compassionate professionals. We started Red Mountain Colorado because we believe in your teen from Montana and his ability to heal. It is our mission to provide the highest quality care in order to help our students live joyful and productive lives.

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