Residential Treatment Centers Helping New Hampshire Teenagers

New Hampshire Teens Find Healing at Holistic Residential Treatment Centers

Realizing that your child has been acting out and getting involved with the wrong crowd is a hard situation for any parent. Hopefully, it is comforting to know that there are resources for your New Hampshire teen that will help navigate this difficult time. One of the best residential treatment centers for teenage boys that have trauma-related issues is Red Mountain Colorado. Located just outside of Denver, Colorado, our premiere residential treatment center serves boys from all over the country, including New Hampshire.


Red Mountain Colorado serves adolescent boys ages 14-17 that are struggling with mental health issues and want to make a change. And while it is of the utmost importance that we address the negative behaviors, it’s just as important that we work on the underlying issues that drove them to seek out maldaptive coping initially.

For some boys, this is about depression or anxiety while others have unresolved trauma to heal from. Regardless of what they are struggling with, Red Mountain Colorado is here to provide support.

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Adolescence is an important time period for development and growth. Our holistic approach is ideal for this population as it addresses all the needs of our students: social, emotional, academic, familial, spiritual, and physical. When we take into account all of these different parts, we are able to facilitate comprehensive healing and growth.

At our residential treatment center, we also make sure to focus on healing the relationships within the family, which are the most important relationships your child has. Our family programming is designed to reconnect the family system in safe, healthy, and functional ways.

Learn more about our whole-person approach to care at our top residential treatment center by calling Red Mountain Colorado today at (877) 302-5022.

Effective Therapeutic Approaches at Our Teen Residential Treatment Center 

In order for therapy to be truly effective, we need to meet students where they are at and find ways to make therapy engaging. This is why our residential treatment center at Red Mountain Colorado uses a range of different therapeutic modalities. From our years of experience, we know that teens are most responsive to therapies that are experiential and hands-on. These are some of the experience-based approaches that your New Hampshire son will participate in:

  • Process Group
  • Equine Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual Therapy

Your child from New Hampshire will be actively engaged in 42 hours of experiential, clinician-led interventions. With this variety of approaches, we are able to find the modalities that will best meet the needs of your son. Using these different therapeutic modalities also allows us to help your son along all the different points of his therapeutic journey. Whatever he is struggling with, our expert team at Red Mountain Colorado will develop an individualized treatment plan that will help him succeed.

Red Mountain Colorado’s campus is located north of Denver. And though our residential treatment center isn’t in New Hampshire, we have worked with students from around the country, including New Hampshire.

At our residential treatment center for teens, you’ll find a compassionate and dedicated team of professionals. We started Red Mountain Colorado because we believe in your teen from New Hampshire and his ability to heal. We have made it our mission to offer the best care which helps our students lead happy and joyous lives, free from the damaging effects of risky behaviors.

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